Friday, September 21, 2012

The Ryno's Horn

Sites where the women don't take their clothes (entirely) off are often sexier than the most explicit porn sites. I think it's because you get a prettier kind of woman willing to have her picture taken and it's almost always with a big sense of fun.
This is a site that I haven't been in contact with, I haven't traded links, or anything else. It's just one of the best I've seen. Thought you'd appreciate it too!
The Rynos Horn

Were I going to make one of those 'Demotivational' posters, I'd use one of these ladies' pictures with the caption 'Above Your Paygrade.'

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trouble on my end. TMI warning

Hi All
Things aren't going well on this end. last week I filed for bankruptcy, and remember all the memory issues I told you about? ( can't remember if I did or not.) I finally got a solid diagnosis from a good Psychiatrist that I have ADD, Slow Cognitive Tempo type. I've been suspicious of this for a while but it's an easy thing to explain away as some kind of lack of character on my part. Nice to know that it isn't my fault. But at 54 you can imagine that I do have a  crushing sense of loss of what might have been.
So now we're adjusting my meds from the kind that treat Major suicidal depression to the kind that more directly treat ADD.( Ritalin or Adderal, in other words. ) I'm likely going to go through a period of side effects that should soon wear off. Right now for instance I'm on antianxiety meds that leave me real foggy headed and unsteady on my feet. I didn't get the kind that gives you a four hour erection, dammit!

As far as I can tell, it's mostly a chemical imbalance I've had all my life that until now has been undiagnosed. Diagnosing it improves the recovery out look to  100%. After we figure out what works in terms of medication and I find a coach that specializes in this stuffl I'm confident that I'll be back full blast.

In the last year my working speed has slowed a lot and I'm interrupted a lot with the need to sleep. I may have to suspend all my commissions for the time being at least until my head clears. Give me a week on that. The side effects I have may start to clear up by then, especially when I start on the stimulants.
This week looks like it's going to be another wash on SSSC. If you can see your way to hanging in with me, I'd appeciate it.   If not, I totally understand. I wll be posting things as much as I can, but very irregularly, Id' say for the next month or so.

Keep sending thepictures and ides. They cheer me up.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Grady's update

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