Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Space Babe

A fairly old drawing. She still has appeal!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Witch Milf Sketch

I do like this character. The Witch Milf.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who am I?

I'm an artist that has to this point worked in the salt mines of advertising but since the recession I pretty much have been surviving by being an adult comic artist.
Happily. I hope stay with this since it's so much dang fun. I'm currently still figuring out how to do comics and some of you may have been witness to some of my many cringeworthy experiments here in the Media Nine universe. All I can say is: Sorry about that!
My work is getting better these days, though and I hope to take you to these strange and horny places and events in a more professional manner. I have always liked my porn with actual stories and characters. I have the arrogant and naive notion that I'm not alone out there, either. My future adult comic site that this blog will continue to be part of will reflect my concern with story and sexy action packed adventure in the superheroine, horror, scifi, and fantasy vein.

I especially like stories featuring the Mom I'd Like to Fuck type as the central character. Let me know if you like this sort of thing too!

Did you know you all out there are a big mystery to me? Seriously, I'm pullin' this stuff out of my ass hoping you all like it and not ever knowing if I hit it or not!Remember to keep it light is all I ask. I'm still not as good as I intend to get by a long way so constructive criticism sways me more than YOU SUCK kind of things. Enough about my tender nerves! And I reserve the right to ignore you completely so don't hold me to anything, dang it!
I welcome comments and suggestions. I may be available for commissions as time permits. I'll update you on that as I go
Thanks Slid

Stellargirl concept sketch

I'm planning in the very near future to be starting my own adult comics site. It will initially feature the daring exploits of Stellargirl. It's set in the sixties so we have a full grown (overgrown in this case) woman that is referred to as a "girl". It's a joke I'm sure everyone will sicken and die of but there you are. I'm just your merry poisoner!

It will be similar in concept as Bewitched (but not as good) and she's supposed to slightly resemble the lovely Elizabeth Montgomery. Very slightly. Samantha didn't have cans on her like this, though it might have helped the ratings a lot. But it would have warped every little kids mind even worse than the assassinations, Vietnam, and Watergate, did...

TO WIT! Any guy who came of age during the sixties secretly sees Samantha Stevens as the unlitmate MILF. (There was also Timmy's mom on Lassie...and Beaver's mom too...but we'll get there!) I'll be making this horny fantasy a lot more overt with this idea. More sketches to come as I work on this. Also I will post peeks at the stories before the site opens.