Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Last of The Ring

Since I'm about to be busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, I'm going to close out The ring with the last four pages I've done.  Bit of a jump in the narrative between the first and second page, you'll note.
You get to hate me again.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Ring 17

Two versions of the next page, both in rough form.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Website News

Okay, I have the URL and it's currently doing something called "propagating". About Tuesday next week or so, if nothing else goes wrong, my site, Slid's Super Sex Comics, will be open for business.

Now, nothing is sure until it happens so I will give you some PRELIMINARY details.

First, don't try looking for it yet. It ain't there.

Second, it'll cost $12.00. BUT! The first month there will be a 25% discount so it'll only cost you $9.00 (I had $8 listed here earlier. That's my poor relationship with numbers at work! )which, if you take advantage of it, will remain the price of your monthly subscription from now to eternity as long as you don't cancel. (I feel like a used car salesman... Hey Kids!) (You'd have had to have grown up in LA to get the heykids thing...)

Third, the site's not gonna look it's best at first...and it's gonna be a bit thin in new content. M9 is helping out by generously allowing me to make use of my Housewives In Space series from MonsterBabeCentral for exactly two months, and then it goes back into the vaults, never to be seen on my site again. Unless I draw new ones.

The first week what you will find there is an Invisible Sex Maniac story, a short two parter. And then the first update the following week will be yet another ISM that will take the next two weeks to post.

Then, after that, I'll be setting up the madness. Since I have a fair variety of genres that I'll be working in, it's gonna get a little complicated for a few months.

 I'll be starting a few stories over the next few weeks just to quickly have up a representative sample of what can be found on my site. I'll probably start with a few pages of Meet the Gradys, then some of The Drive In That Time Forgot: Galaxy of Horror, and then a bit of my introductory story of Superheroine Tales: The Code.

Yeah, and some" Timmy Quick and his X-Ray Specs"...if you're real nice to me!

Then I'll go back and do some more "Meet The Grady's", and then GOH, and so on. How long will the stories be? As long as the story requires. Goodbye five page story hell!

I'm gonna try to fulfill each of your particular deviant, twisted fantasies at least once a month! And maybe you'll like it if I hit more than one of your fantasies...you know, diversify!

Actually it's going to work like this: (I think.)
One MILF story, one Drive In story, one Superheroine story, and one from the following list. The line up will change as I finish a given story line.

I'll be leaning heavily on the MILF thing; you may see a couple of these a month.  (Meet The Gradys, The Ring, Cumm All Ye Faithful, TheWidow, Suburban Spy, Witch MILF,etc) followed by  Superheroine tales, which will be my big variety show.

The Superheroines will be full of various classifications of action: my catfight content will predominate there, and MILF, some bondage, some noncon, you get the idea. It'll have a retro feel to it, aiming for a '60s superhero scene deriving inspiration from Legion of Superheroes, THUNDER Agents, Mighty Heroes, old JLA, etc. These will all be my own characters, btw.

There will also be scifi (The Drive In that Time Forgot: Galaxy of Horror, etc.) that will be movie scene send ups.  You know, the scenes we WISH had been in the original movie? Then my characters from Monsterbabes and Catfight Central will be showing up as well, predominantly the ISM. And some new ones: Succubus is already under way. Also look for Hart of Darkness (My Lovecraft tribute. It's required.), Vampire MILF, Alien Agent, Rhonda Retro, Urban Legends, Sector 13, and even some more Housewives In Space. Also, Curiosity, and from the pages of Rhonda Retro..".Don't Ever Trust Stig"!

Big Breath here: Also returning will be Sasquatch, Martians!, Spirit Whisperer, Jane Deerborn, Hard Rock, and Haint!

Annnd, from Catfight we'll be seeing the two ladies from Cops And Robbers making their reappearance, as well as Billigan and the girls in Billigan's Island. As will other stories I did for CFC that I'll be elevating to series level here.So the female combat will be concentrated in Superheroines, but not limited to it. Let's be clear. Don't want any of you CFC fans to come over and start slappin' me around 'cause I didn't give you what you're wantin'!

I will be introducing my first interracial, male-dom, spanking, bondage, over the top domination, non-con, short guy, Headmaster of the Merrymound Women's Jr. College..."Say Hello To Mr. Goode!!!"

Also new to the line up will be a tribute to the urban fantasty genre entitled "The House of Mr. Fear". Think Dresden Files, only, unlike Dresden and like Sooky Stackhouse,  he gets laid! A lot!

I also intend to have fantasy and action-babe content appearing over time.

I know it's a lot, but in three years I've written and drawn over 250 stories. Don't believe I can't do it!

The last thing is that please keep in mind that I'm going to be leap frogging from being a freelancer to an owner and will, at least for the first month, be selling stuff to other people, so early stories I do may look a bit thin. This will change as I move into doing this full time, which hopefully will be real soon..

And the most important thing: WEEKLY UPDATES! I don't yet know how many pages I will say I'll be doing, I'll know more in a month or two what I'll be able to handle without falling behind. But I will update every week, come hell or high water. I'm stable, I do regular work hours, so I will be there grinding out stories every day. But I wont disappoint you as far as getting stuff to you on a regular basis.

So that's it. Like I said, it's all in pencil, so things may changes slightly, but it all should be starting up next week.

Looking forward to the journey!


Friday, February 24, 2012

The Ring 16

Multiple versions of page 16. The first one is the version I went with. On the other pages you can observe divergent storylines that end after this page.
The third one down picks up from the version of page 15 that has her tossing her robe off.

Wherefor Art Thou, website?

Still no word. I'll let you guys no the second I know anything about my website being up.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I hope...

As I approach the opening of my site, knock wood, I'm getting a case of the butterflies. What if I bomb? What if I get so few subscribers that I have to fold up my tent and quit the best job I've ever had?

I know of two excellent quality erotic comics websites that have recently opened up. They're both beautiful. Both I think are produced by studios. They take the art of erotic comics to a new level and good for them!

No way I can compete with them in terms of look. Can't do it. No way. My stuff isn't that polished or well executed.

These guys are doing every thing right. Color, subject matter, (superheroines) drawing all very much beautiful professional level work. And they're making good money at it.

It's tempting to sit here and think, "Wow, with competition like that,  I'm cooked. The bar has gotten too high.


What always frustrated me as a consumer of erotic comics is that what I wanted to see was something like a regular comic book with the characters doing all the regular comic book stuff, but with a lot of x-rated sex all through it. Maybe some female combat. Maybe some non-con stuff. But the stories  would be about characters we get to know, and there would be a plot that builds your interest and gets your sympathy. I never did find it.

I hope that's what I can do on my own website. It's my strength. I can't compete with Superheroine Central or SuperheroineComixxx. They're too good at what they do. Jumping on the bandwagon with a suitcase full of formulas for success is just a bad idea, especially for me.

So here's my formula:  Don't sweat the production values. Do flat colors so I'm free to draw a lot! Make the women look HOT, not distorted or weird looking.( I'm trying to get better at the HOT thing.) Keep a sense of fun. Let the story unfold the way it want's to, don't force upon it a contrived formula based on what everyone else is doing.

I hope that in the last almost three years I've had this blog going that I've found an audience for the things I like to do.

I hope that freed from the constraints of the five page story, I can stretch and really do some good stories.

I hope you all hang with me while I do.

The Ring 15

Okay. We have now mostly left the realm of finished art on this story and from here out we have roughs of mostly OK finishes. Again, for those recently joining us, these are stories I did for myself years ago never dreaming anyone but me would ever actually see them. As such, all of my stories that I'll be scanning and putting up here and in the free section of my website, are sadly unfinished.

It will be my pleasure to redo these old tales in ink and color and revised dialog (on my website in) the near future. And yes, they'll all have an ending or at least a stopping place, as in the case of the Ring. The tale of Terry and his prized possession I see as a regular series for as long as I have ideas for it. And there is a fair amount of back story to it in my head.

Now another issue: which old story do I do first?

I've started on Meet the Gradys but the overwhelming (for this blog's recent traffic and return visit numbers)  response to The Ring makes me think it would be best to get it rolling before I do anything else. It, along with the Galaxy of Horror, which is pretty far along now, and a Superheroine catfight/MILF storyline with the title of "The Code", would be strong starters for the website.

So I ask: what do you all think? Meet the Gradys or The Ring starting first? Which do I do? Hmm.  Send up a smoke signal or flare and let me know.

 The page of notes above will be the direction I go in with the story. I have no finished art for it that I can find.  The pages below are pages I did when I considered going in a different direction,  but decided that for this story the climax, if you will, would come along a beat too soon. So  I added one more little bit of suspense, a bit more tease and then we'll get down to business.

For the sake of clarity, we see above, a shot of Terry with his back braced against the horny lady's bedroom door, hyperventilating. He can't quite bring himself to believe this could really be happening, so he goes upstairs to his attic room. Caution wins the day in his rattled mind. We see in the bottom panel the trap door entry to his bedroom with Terry on his bed in the background.  Kate's head appears in the open trapdoor as she comes up the stairs for a reason that is unclear to the lad. (Who is Eighteen, btw. Should anyone ask!) Terry has now been clobbered too many times to rush to judgement any more.
Lighting storm in the background. She startles at thunder. 

BTW. The next old story that I'll be putting up on this blog will be one that's also fairly long. That tale is called, "Publicity". I'll begin posting it as soon as this one ends. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Ring 14

Page 14 has seven versions. I worked out a lot about storytelling on this page. And you can see that I was undecided as to where to go with the story. She jump him now or a little later? Hmm. The first frame is the one I went with. All others are alternates.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Catfight Central Collection

I've spent a lot of time on the MILF thing lately. I'd just like to reassure my Catfight loving friends that I have not given up the Catfight game. Some of the best times I've had doing this sort of thing has been in doing Catfight comics. Heres a collection of pages from various stories I've done for Catfight Central.


I'm getting a fair amount of email about the MILF stories I've been putting up. In fact this morning I have had to spend so much time answering emails that it's put a real crimp in my day. I will put the next Ring story up today if at all possible, but I can't guarantee it.

That said, it's a good problem to have. I will be putting MILF stories up on the website along with Superheroine MILFs that have a lot of catfights. In fact catfights will figure in prominently on my site, even though I don't have any examples of it ready yet. I have a lot of territory to cover and if you don't see your favorite thing on the site at first it's because of time limitations I have on me now. But never fear, everything will find it's way onto the site soon enough.

Also, if anyone knows of a MILF comics forum anywhere that I might post work to, please let me know. I know about Hentai Factory and WOEC (?) Are there more? I may have to start one myself...

Monday, February 20, 2012

Here's this one along with a more recent version I began but didn't finish. Plus a rough version that took things to a violent and contradictory direction...I didn't go with it but I still may in the finished version.

Opinions are welcome here: does she pound on him or not?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Page 12 and older version

I had the idea that Terry  has had a curse put on him and that the ring takes it away. And that in fact he has had a charm put on him before the curse and that with the curse gone, the charm was let loose to do it's little work. The curse took a second to get going so you have this lag when the charm is doing it's stuff. Terry has to live with constant teasing and ultimate rejection. I didn't have this idea yet earlier and in the rework will have the whiplash effect showing up from the start. This flashback scene will likely end up being in the first few pages of the story.
Dont'cha love how we're 12 pages into the story and Terry still hasn't lined the ladies up for a meat injection? I'm mean...

This has a version I did fairly recently...look for the re worked version to look more like this page. In fact this page will probably appear as is.

The Ring 11 and roughs

Here is page 11. This is one of the most re-worked pages I've ever done. I seem to have been working out how to tell the story at first. The story kept evolving in my mind since I was a little stuck on the back story there in the neighborhood. And then there are a couple of re-dos I did over the last ten years or so. I liked page 11 and 12 a lot.

Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm all in. Taxes done. Not as bad as feared. SO...
Tomorrow a double dose of The Ring plus some extras. Sorry about the missed day.  So stay tuned! 

Horny Thursday Herc and the Girls

Crazy day today. I still need to scan the next page of The Ring but don't have time right now. It will be up  later today, though. Until then, enjoy Herc and the Girls. I forgot Horny Thursday again...thanks to my blinky memory it's turning into Horny Friday, isn't it...This should serve as the Horny Whatever entry for the week. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Ring 10

Here we have a more finished piece that I think I must have done in the mid aughties sometime. As such, the dialog is left out so I can eventually put in dialog balloons in Adobe Illustrator. Since I never did that, I've included my roughs of the page which have the dialog in place.

As you can see, Terry put his foot in it badly! Nothing like humiliation on top of insult and rejection. And being teased out of his mind... Jeez women who look like that have the power to destroy, don't they?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Ring 9

Just for grins I did this color piece from what is one of my favorite drawings. "I just don't give a damn if you can see my tits bounce in my shirt! " So we have a contrast here with the pleasant Aunt Janey and a mirror character to boot: her sister! Va-Voom!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Ring 8

This page is a pretty dramatic scene change. Only thing is that I'd change the lady's dialog since this is a little over wrought. But the scene does set up the contrast with what's coming next...come back tomorrow and see what that is!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Ring 7

Okay animals, break time's over! Back to work!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Ring 6

 My work in this piece is cleaning up in terms of detail but the panel count falls. I really feel like the cramped nature of the first pages four pages was a good thing: it felt more intimate, like Terry was telling you his story up close. What I've learned is to try to get into the head of the main character as much as possible otherwise you've got just bodies humping mindlessly. I was getting that before and with this page I feel that I'm not, so much. This page starts to feel more third person objective in it's closeness to the character, in other words it backs away from him and feels less 'interested'.

Jack Kirby said he lived what his the characters he was drawing were living. Felt what they felt. That's what makes this one work as well as it did in the first four pages. I know Terry very well because I more fully imagined him. And so I can better tell his story.

Also I see that I wasn't skimping on the backgrounds in most panels back when I did these. There's a textural heft to these moments that are caught in each frame because of the background detail setting off the figure. And the story is told much more completely because of the completeness of the backgrounds. Some artists get away with bypassing the background...Smudge comes to mind...but they usually are putting their weight behind other aspects of the story, ie the figures or the gag, and for them it works fine. But me, that's not what I'm about.

Here we have story and telling a story is my strength. As far as I know ( leaving aside The Girl and anything else I may be out of date on...) no one else is doing actual stories in the erotic comics area. Not in the US anyway.