Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Incest story post has over 3400 hits? WTF?

It's just the damnedest thing.

I have a few posts up on this blog that have individually gotten thousands of hits, presumably to download the pictures in the post. To me this means people are interested enough to bother downloading at least some of my work. Yet only a relatively tiny number of people sign up on my paysite.

 I know I'm moving good traffic through here. I know hundreds of people a month move through my paysite. But I'm  too embarrassed and disappointed to say how few actual subscribers I have over there.  I've actually lost a third of my business over  the last year since the first month I started.

I dont think anyone's even really pirating my stuff. I'm almost insulted!

We've gone on ad infinitum about how most visitors to my blog are only interested in free porn. But after a year up, my paysite has had less than .001% or less of it's visitors part with 12 bucks to see more. The percentage of subscribers is almost non existent, statistically speaking. It isn't traffic that's lacking, certainly. It isn't lack of depth at this point either. I don't think my work sucks that bad usually. I post every Sunday without fail.

What's missing? Is my work too boring? Is there too much of my amateur work up on my website samples?

Making more ISM stories has had zero effect on sales and ISM is some of the most heavily downloaded work on this blog

This is really baffling. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another update for the Ring

Sorry I've been absent from the blog for the last month. Here is a sample page from the next installment of The Ring.