Thursday, October 31, 2013

Been preoccupied

I havent' tended to the blog in a while. I've been taken up looking for some part time work and it's been time consuming. It left a gap in posts here that I'll be trying to fill in.

Here is a sample from Of Superheroines that I posted on the website last night. I was trying to do this one as a 'painted' piece, but it just wasn't working and I've lost patience with trying alternative techniques and the blind alleys it keeps taking me down. So I've decided that my pencilled work is really my best work; I loose something in inking a drawing that I keep when I just do the pencils. So I'll be finishing the story out using this way of doing things, which to me looks tons better and is far more satisfying to do. And is faster.

I'm mulling over Anon's suggestion about starting stories and sticking with them week to week until they're done. That means you might be seeing ISM less often guys. Or I could do three weeks of one story and one week of ISM each month. I may go with the latter. I'll decide and let you all know soon. Lemme know if you have an opinion. As always, input is much appreciated.