Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Women idea sketches, Website update

Thinking over the Super Women ideas awhile back.

As to the website...alllmost there!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Another colored pencil MILF

From an older sketchbook. I was trying to get the hang of modeling the figure with color and was improving when I did this one. It was kind of a struggle for a while. That's what sucks about self teaching. There's no one to ask, you have to figure it all out yourself by trial and error. So many times I'll go back and look at something like this one and realize I had gotten what I was after but didn't realize it at the time.

 I'm anxious to get back to the colored pencil work. I haven't done one in years, and those skills were so hard won. 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Women Of The Screen that inspire me: Valerie Leon

I'm going to be putting up some photos of special women I've seen on TV and at movies that have really become my anima, as according to Jung. That is, these are the women who speak to me in my dreams and are the inspiration behind the kind of women I like to draw. And look at. They are strong, intelligent, and robust, the kind of woman I am married to, in fact. In her I see echoes of Ligea the Vampire MILF, and Jane Deerborn, two of the characters I've created.

My first is  Valerie Leon, a Hammer beauty who did all of one movie with them: Blood of the Mummy's Tomb. (I recently watched Blood for the first time on Netflix streaming. I don't know if it's still there, but do catch it if you can. It's a pretty good flick!)

Her big claim to fame in my part of the world is that she was the beautiful woman featured in the Hai Karate commercials in the late 60's. I think I sort of "imprinted" on her. She has always seemed to me the personification of sex. Cool, sophisticated, intelligent.  I never have got over her, happily.

She was also a Bond girl and was on various TV shows over the years, some goofy looking British movies,  even a Space 1999 that I'm going to have to dig up sometime.

Besides her obvious busty charms, her profile is amazingly seductive and she has a long, gorgeous neck set against her thick sexy luxurious hair. Oddly it's hard to find a still photo on the web that catches how beautiful she is, IMO. The first one in my collection does do her some justice, though. Watch Blood on the Mummy's Tomb and you'll see what I mean.



Friday, January 20, 2012

Galaxy Of Horror

There's a Roger Corman movie out there called Galaxy Of Terror that maybe you've seen. In it is this really interesting scene of a woman being raped by...hold onto your seats...a GIANT MAGGOT! Yep. You read it right. Giant maggot. Raped by. Musta been bad acid that guy was on when he wrote the screenplay.

It features the very comely actress, Taafe O'Connel, pictured below, and a really cheezy fake giant maggot. There's an edited version that's a bit disappointing that you'll probably want to overlook.

So naturally I'll be doing a more explicit version of the rape scene for my website and it will be entitled Galaxy Of Horror. Lots more rubbin' and slimin' and watchin' the thing's thingy goin' in and out...whew!

Here are a couple of pages for you to enjoy. One is a 'wireframe' line drawing which I like better than the finished version I did, and the other is finished in pencil, though still needs background and a reaching Giant Maggot added in.

Just for grins check out the Monsters and Angels Galaxy of Terror website since it's got a lot of stuff similar to what I do in my monster comics:


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Slid's Grab Bag

This is a totally random collection of pieces for no reason at all. Some are reposts that I like. There's a fair sampling in this post of what I do in terms of genre. Every one depicted here is intended to be over the age of eighteen. 

The Towel Lady part 2

From a two parter I did for Monsterbabes. Urban Legend's The Towel Lady. I just can't get enough of 'horror in the girls' shower room' stories. Don't know why. It's a thing.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Page one from Meet The Gradys

I'm hard at work on the stuff that will appear on my website, this being one page of Meet The Gradys. The first page, in fact. Shew! A million titties to draw and so little time.

Those Helpful Nympho MILFs

Nympho MILFs, always ready to help out where they can!
He's 18. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lets Eat Out

A work in progress. Using this to learn more about painting.
I'll post it again when further along...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cumm All Ye Faithful

Here we have a page from a story I did for myself some time ago...over ten years ago, I'm thinking. It's called Cumm All Ye Faithful and is obviously set in a church in the burbs. This is as close to social commentary as I ever get, it seems like. And it's not too pointed, I don't think. I guess if there is a point it probably is that I've always considered church to be the best place you could go to get laid. It sure was in my own experience! Nothing like repression as well as rebellious daughters! 

This church has a real underground thing going on. Pretty much everyone is screwing each other on the sly. This is the story of a young eighteen year old fella that get's molested by the church lady in a back room during the services and is watched by an eighteen year old girl and the wife of the Reverend. Said wife is stacked with the big hair...my favorite. It's sort of a domino effect story where the lad gets passed from pussy to pussy all in one afternoon. 

Here is a fragment of a scene where the young fella is mobbed by the local church ladies who have all sorts of things for him to "help" them with.  Word got around, it seems. If churches usually had this many stacked women going there, male attendance would go through the ceiling! 

I think I dropped this one because I thought the women were dressed too shamelessly and I wanted some frumpiness to go with the amazing bodies. 

Most of the art for this story is some of my earliest and is nearly illegible due to repeated erasures, so I probably wont post much of it. Again, look for a future re-do of this story on my pending website.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Two more random pages and a long winded comment

Interesting to look at what pictures download the most relative to the other pictures. Somewhat annoyingly, the sample I have from SuperHeroineComixx is the most downloaded piece here. I don't blame anyone for liking this piece. It is my working example of where I ought to go as far as the look of my work goes. Also the Superheroine audience is considered to be the most stable audience, more than  Scifi, horror, etc. (I'm thinking the MILF/younger guy thing might outpace the superheroine stuff...and it may be what I do best anyway. We shall see!)

I hope you don't feel likes rats in an experiment as I look at statistics and natter on about them. Starting the website naturally moves attention to my audience and what they want to see. One has to do a lot of hard thinking about this  as I figure out what you like vs. what I like doing the best. Luckily I could focus on any of the categories I've mentioned that will people my website and be very happy.

And then once I settle into a direction I will try to forget about all of the demographic stuff so my work doesn't get too self conscious or dishonest. Wish me luck on that. Tough row to hoe, y'know. (Yeah, I'm a farm boy. This is what I filled my head with while I worked on my dad's farm. You ever try to chop cotton with a boner? Whoo!

So you guys like the painted stuff best, seemingly detached from subject. I'll move into doing fully rendered stuff more and more over time.

Following that, the female combat work is as popular as the MILF stuff, I'm thinking. Exception to that is the Sasquatch piece I have up that's been really popular. It's funny so that helps.

Note: my site will feature everything you see me doing on Catfightcentral and Monsterbabecentral. All the characters you've seen me do will be coming over here, though I'll continue to have work show up on Monsterbabes.

I need to try out the superheroine stuff and get some feedback since I have so little of it on the blog here. Gotta get to work on THE CODE which will be my opening salvo. It features "stick up their ass" assholes, a mad scientist with a giant head, a luckless lackey, and  a busty super babe tied to a table. It's going to have a retro sixties-ish look to things and will be inspired by the sixties Legion of Super Heroes, The Mighty Heroes, Thunder Agents, and the Sixties Justice League. Simple and easily torn off uniforms, chest symbols, masks, secret identities and so forth. I will be fleshing out the characters more than is usually found on this sort of site.

There will be a character probably with her own storyline that will be modeled on Bewitched. A housewife who is a superheroine with a nervous husband. I'll be shooting for a Samantha Stevens look on this lady too. And catfight stuff will naturally show up in the superhero stories.

Anyway, here is a sketchbook page I did a while back featuring possible superheroes. This will  be the look of things even if I don't use these specific characters.

And a page from a story I did for myself called "Looking In On The Lad". Thought you might like it.
And as usual, everyone is at least eighteen. In fact it's his 18th birth day. Everyone should get a birthday present like this one!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Haunted House color study

From a story I did and will be doing on my website: The Haunted House. Catchy, huh?
Color study. Y'know, there's learning something and then there's remembering that you learned it! Nice spill light on the ladies. I SHOULD be coloring like this. But am I? Nooo. Goddam ADD! 

Poolside Reaction

From the sketchbook vault.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and a note

HNY, everyone. Looking out the window at the first snow of the year I'm hopeful that it is an omen of good things to come.

Speaking of good things, I've been doing some updating of my labels, seen to your left, and would urge newbies to check out the labels, Sketchbook, What We Did Last Summer, Big Tits, MILF, mermaids, colored pencils, and Invisible Sex Maniac. Don't rely only on the favorites list, now.

Website news: this week should be the end of the coding nightmare. I have some stuff uploaded but not ready to see yet. In the next week I should complete everything on my end and then we wait for the credit card people to approve the site. That will take an unknown amount of time. HOPEFULLY we'll be up and running in Jan. But I've been wrong before...

Sorry about the long lag in posts. I've been under the weather yet again and have also had, like you all, the holidays to survive. I should be showing signs of life again soon. That or someone will throw dirt on me and say a few words...