Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Super Women idea sketches, Website update

Thinking over the Super Women ideas awhile back.

As to the website...alllmost there!


  1. Website...? Website...? Hmmmm.... SOUNDS familiar.... *g*

  2. I hope so. But I'll believe it when I see it.

  3. Who is that first girl she is a keeper
    Loving the superheroine thing
    But I think your best work will be something you enjoy drawing if it's the Milf stuff then stick to that

    Ofcourse I have no business sense with these things

  4. Anon, I'll believe it then too. And excited. And scared to death!

    KCMoCCy Yeah, I have to find my personal angle so I don't just fall into desultory superheroine stuff. What's worked for me before is the retro 60s stuff that reflects when I grew up. The Superheroine genre is the most stable and heavily trafficked of all of the genres in erotic comics, so yes, there is a bit of calculation to it. But also I grew up loving super heroes and had plenty of fantasies about them when I hit the big hormone wave. I'm curious to see how it takes hold with me. There's a lot of discovery to all this.

  5. Retro 60's! When stewardesses were stewardesses! Nurses were nurses! Secretaries were secretaries! Movie Stars were Movie Stars! Chorus Girls were Chorus Girls! Go-Go Dancers! Beach Bunnies! The Steno Pool! Usherettes!


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