Thursday, August 2, 2012

It's Done!

Mom's Weekend Visit is done! Whew. Always decide how long a story is gonna be before you start it. This one was kind of a tribute of the old hardcore sex novels published. Which this one easily can do. I had to stop when I hit a stopping place or it would have gone on for a couple of more months easily. In other words  I started a novel here. Not gonna do that any more. Why?

For one thing I'm trying to have a variety of story types on the website and spending so much time on one story isn't practical for that. I will still do long story arcs, but it'll be made up of many 5 to 15 page stories that can stand as chapters.

I'm going to try going back to rotating stories each week. That's what I need to do to get the variety I'm after in a reasonable time.

My next story will be a horror story. I have recently had someone ask me to throw one to him and so here it is! And many folks are coming to my site looking for something like Sector 13, so I'll be looking to do something that has that flavor here. I'm considering re starting the Urban Legends series that I had going on Monsterbabes for a while.

After that I'll be finishing the Superheroines female combat story, and will continue the Code. And I will also be continuing the Meet the Gradys series. That story will end it's first chapter in a few pages, btw. It's gonna be a series of chapters as well.

Below is a page from Mom's to enjoy.


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