Saturday, July 7, 2012

Two new sketchpad updates.

There is an inked and color version of Martian Mayhem and a nice painted sketch from my digital sketchbook up in the members area of SSSC.
The painted sketch is how I'm trying to come up with a fast way of painting my comics, which is my preference. It's still taking too long but this is the simplest way of working I've found that I feel is effective.

There will be more Mom's up at SSSC soon. I'm taking a wee break from it, but will be back in the saddle in a few days. Until then I've got some unusual posts planned for the site. Samples and teasers to be seen here of course.



  1. Martian Mayhem: Don't fire til you see the whites of her eyes (both of them...)

  2. Still doing updates? I saw that you put some new images in the mom section at least but no mention of it here.

  3. yeah, I'm still doin' them. I've got to pull myself out of a funk. The site is struggling and it's a little discouraging. I've been neglecting the blog and still haven't finished working on the site itself.
    I just finished the Moms Weekend story. I'll post some of that later today or tomorrow.


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