Saturday, February 18, 2012

Page 12 and older version

I had the idea that Terry  has had a curse put on him and that the ring takes it away. And that in fact he has had a charm put on him before the curse and that with the curse gone, the charm was let loose to do it's little work. The curse took a second to get going so you have this lag when the charm is doing it's stuff. Terry has to live with constant teasing and ultimate rejection. I didn't have this idea yet earlier and in the rework will have the whiplash effect showing up from the start. This flashback scene will likely end up being in the first few pages of the story.
Dont'cha love how we're 12 pages into the story and Terry still hasn't lined the ladies up for a meat injection? I'm mean...

This has a version I did fairly recently...look for the re worked version to look more like this page. In fact this page will probably appear as is.

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