Saturday, February 4, 2012

Grady's Rework

For no damn good reason at all I got sidetracked yesterday making "improvements" on one of the panels from The Grady's first page. I needed an illustration for  my website banner and this one came to mind so I colored it. And while I was at that I decided to noodle with some of the inking...and since I fixed that eye, what about that mouth? And that line on the neck is too thick. And on down the road I rode, mounted high upon my noble steed, Obsession! It was a very pleasant afternoon. And I was tired and needed a break. Fridays are like this.

I am, however, very proud of myself in that I returned to my original version of this panel for another look this morning (Saturday) and saw that the original panel was just fine!  I realized that I really, truly,  don't need to re-do the entire page. Yeah, there's many things I could change, but I don't have that kind of time and I need to commit! But I decided to put the project down without regret since I judged the original to be fine anyhow. My hands shook, but I did it.

This is a personal triumph for me, the king of Perfectionists and prince of the land of Overcopensate and Overdoit. I work alone too much, y'know? Heehee. Loose touch with reality. Lalalala!  Drop all my perspective. Talk myself into panic. YAAAAAH!!!!

I probably need therapy. Or coffee. Don't know which. SQUIRREL!!!

I'd love to do this stuff at Starbucks, but it'd be awkward and hard to explain, you know what I'm sayin'? And someone might dump coffee all over my Mac which would also be awkward. And hard to explain to my wife. So I keep my work at home. And continue my descent into madness!!!

Anyway, for your enjoyment, here is the rework that is going to be on my new banner for my website. Oh! And I'll be laying all that website stuff on you all... very...very...soon...heheheheh!

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