Saturday, February 25, 2012

Website News

Okay, I have the URL and it's currently doing something called "propagating". About Tuesday next week or so, if nothing else goes wrong, my site, Slid's Super Sex Comics, will be open for business.

Now, nothing is sure until it happens so I will give you some PRELIMINARY details.

First, don't try looking for it yet. It ain't there.

Second, it'll cost $12.00. BUT! The first month there will be a 25% discount so it'll only cost you $9.00 (I had $8 listed here earlier. That's my poor relationship with numbers at work! )which, if you take advantage of it, will remain the price of your monthly subscription from now to eternity as long as you don't cancel. (I feel like a used car salesman... Hey Kids!) (You'd have had to have grown up in LA to get the heykids thing...)

Third, the site's not gonna look it's best at first...and it's gonna be a bit thin in new content. M9 is helping out by generously allowing me to make use of my Housewives In Space series from MonsterBabeCentral for exactly two months, and then it goes back into the vaults, never to be seen on my site again. Unless I draw new ones.

The first week what you will find there is an Invisible Sex Maniac story, a short two parter. And then the first update the following week will be yet another ISM that will take the next two weeks to post.

Then, after that, I'll be setting up the madness. Since I have a fair variety of genres that I'll be working in, it's gonna get a little complicated for a few months.

 I'll be starting a few stories over the next few weeks just to quickly have up a representative sample of what can be found on my site. I'll probably start with a few pages of Meet the Gradys, then some of The Drive In That Time Forgot: Galaxy of Horror, and then a bit of my introductory story of Superheroine Tales: The Code.

Yeah, and some" Timmy Quick and his X-Ray Specs"...if you're real nice to me!

Then I'll go back and do some more "Meet The Grady's", and then GOH, and so on. How long will the stories be? As long as the story requires. Goodbye five page story hell!

I'm gonna try to fulfill each of your particular deviant, twisted fantasies at least once a month! And maybe you'll like it if I hit more than one of your know, diversify!

Actually it's going to work like this: (I think.)
One MILF story, one Drive In story, one Superheroine story, and one from the following list. The line up will change as I finish a given story line.

I'll be leaning heavily on the MILF thing; you may see a couple of these a month.  (Meet The Gradys, The Ring, Cumm All Ye Faithful, TheWidow, Suburban Spy, Witch MILF,etc) followed by  Superheroine tales, which will be my big variety show.

The Superheroines will be full of various classifications of action: my catfight content will predominate there, and MILF, some bondage, some noncon, you get the idea. It'll have a retro feel to it, aiming for a '60s superhero scene deriving inspiration from Legion of Superheroes, THUNDER Agents, Mighty Heroes, old JLA, etc. These will all be my own characters, btw.

There will also be scifi (The Drive In that Time Forgot: Galaxy of Horror, etc.) that will be movie scene send ups.  You know, the scenes we WISH had been in the original movie? Then my characters from Monsterbabes and Catfight Central will be showing up as well, predominantly the ISM. And some new ones: Succubus is already under way. Also look for Hart of Darkness (My Lovecraft tribute. It's required.), Vampire MILF, Alien Agent, Rhonda Retro, Urban Legends, Sector 13, and even some more Housewives In Space. Also, Curiosity, and from the pages of Rhonda Retro..".Don't Ever Trust Stig"!

Big Breath here: Also returning will be Sasquatch, Martians!, Spirit Whisperer, Jane Deerborn, Hard Rock, and Haint!

Annnd, from Catfight we'll be seeing the two ladies from Cops And Robbers making their reappearance, as well as Billigan and the girls in Billigan's Island. As will other stories I did for CFC that I'll be elevating to series level here.So the female combat will be concentrated in Superheroines, but not limited to it. Let's be clear. Don't want any of you CFC fans to come over and start slappin' me around 'cause I didn't give you what you're wantin'!

I will be introducing my first interracial, male-dom, spanking, bondage, over the top domination, non-con, short guy, Headmaster of the Merrymound Women's Jr. College..."Say Hello To Mr. Goode!!!"

Also new to the line up will be a tribute to the urban fantasty genre entitled "The House of Mr. Fear". Think Dresden Files, only, unlike Dresden and like Sooky Stackhouse,  he gets laid! A lot!

I also intend to have fantasy and action-babe content appearing over time.

I know it's a lot, but in three years I've written and drawn over 250 stories. Don't believe I can't do it!

The last thing is that please keep in mind that I'm going to be leap frogging from being a freelancer to an owner and will, at least for the first month, be selling stuff to other people, so early stories I do may look a bit thin. This will change as I move into doing this full time, which hopefully will be real soon..

And the most important thing: WEEKLY UPDATES! I don't yet know how many pages I will say I'll be doing, I'll know more in a month or two what I'll be able to handle without falling behind. But I will update every week, come hell or high water. I'm stable, I do regular work hours, so I will be there grinding out stories every day. But I wont disappoint you as far as getting stuff to you on a regular basis.

So that's it. Like I said, it's all in pencil, so things may changes slightly, but it all should be starting up next week.

Looking forward to the journey!


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