Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I'm getting a fair amount of email about the MILF stories I've been putting up. In fact this morning I have had to spend so much time answering emails that it's put a real crimp in my day. I will put the next Ring story up today if at all possible, but I can't guarantee it.

That said, it's a good problem to have. I will be putting MILF stories up on the website along with Superheroine MILFs that have a lot of catfights. In fact catfights will figure in prominently on my site, even though I don't have any examples of it ready yet. I have a lot of territory to cover and if you don't see your favorite thing on the site at first it's because of time limitations I have on me now. But never fear, everything will find it's way onto the site soon enough.

Also, if anyone knows of a MILF comics forum anywhere that I might post work to, please let me know. I know about Hentai Factory and WOEC (?) Are there more? I may have to start one myself...


  1. I think you are onto a good track cater to everyone but u can be the premiere milf story provider :)

  2. But when is the site going to go up? This is getting frustrating...

  3. OH...you have no idea about frustrated. Visa is of course dragging their feet on this. They decided a while back they don't like adult sites. Hopefully this farce wont go on too long.

  4. Well, if not Visa, what about some other method of payment?

  5. That would be the question, wouldn't it. My knowledge doesn't extend that far. Visa Mastercard are a cartel in my opinion. Alternatives are difficult to come by as far as I know.


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