Monday, February 6, 2012

The Ring page 1

I guess I'm gonna have to inflict this story on you guys over the next few days.

The Ring is a story I started back in the eighties, before Harry Potter came along and I conceived it during a time in my life that I was struggling with whether or not there was something "wrong" with me for always wanting to draw stuff like you're about to see. Terry, our protagonist in the story, is having an inner conflict merely over "thinking about girls" all the time. It causes him to doubt himself and accept the judgement his uncle levels at him.

There are so many worse things that can happen to a young man. But just thinking about a naked woman, the most natural thing in the world and hardly a problem. But this very thing was causing a lot of inner anxiety in me personally up until that point in my life. This story was sort of a reflection of all that.

Here's the thing with me. I was recovering from my earlier exposure to a toxic, obsessed kind of religion that preached bringing every thought one has under strict control or 'obedience'. Thinking about the wrong thing was sinful, especially thinking the wrong thing about sex. Have a fantasy, go to hell, in other words.

Anyway, I ultimately resolved that issue.   I'll probably talk more about how I got through it all in other posts later on.

Anyway, in this story I've developed quite a bit of the psychology of the lad. I think it helps build the sexual tension up and keeps the story interesting.

I didn't want this story about a guy who finds a magic ring that makes beautiful women want to throw him down and ride him, too much of a one note song. I think most porn falls down on the repetition factor. And I may have overcompensated in the writing of this story. It was getting too heavy to my mind, and so I have events lightening up in a hurry. I've tried to put as much variety and unexpected twists in as possible in order to keep things fresh. I like the sudden changes in attitude that the ladies affected by his ring's magic end up experiencing, as well as Terry's delighted confusion.

Yeah,  and it's another unfinished one. Sorry, though there are around 20 pages or so, which I will share with you this week.

I'll be doing a new and punchier version of this story for my soon to open website in the near future. So don't worry, we will be ultimately finishing this particular story, which will likely be one only chapter in the saga of the Ring.

As always, all characters are over the age of consent, that being 18 years.



  1. I wanted to read more of the comic, awesome detail and background

  2. As long as you've gotten over that mindset, then I'm happy for ya.

    I can't imagine the oppression of thoughts ever being a good thing.

  3. Another page tomorrow, K. It's over,E.

  4. Looks promising..

    Btw, I must tell you how much I love your style of drawing. I'm a fan of your mature lady/young man stories, maybe less of the horror and fighting ones but the art is so good I enjoy them anyways.

    Keep up the great work, can't wait to see your website.

  5. "In brightest day,
    In blackest night,
    No boobies shall escape my sight..."

  6. Thanks Gaspach! Those are just the words I need to hear just now! You have no idea how much.

    Yeah, the title just begs for it, don't it Richard?


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