Friday, February 3, 2012

Sector 13 Paused at Monsterbabecentral

The above is from my latest Sector 13. Entitled "Paused".  In it we have space hospitals, space doctors, space boobies, space masturbating, and being frozen in time. In space!

I still don't know what to think of pencils colored in Photoshop. The pencils look great on my drawing board, but always look very different once I have them colored. Not sure I like it. I want to make pencils look good enough to use a lot, but I still haven't figured out how. This looks raw and maybe sloppy. It may be that I need to do more pencils in the background to make it work. Or it may be that pencils need to be left alone, not colored or darkened. Hmmm. 


  1. How are you coloring? Underlayers or right on the pencil layer?

  2. Awesome style I've always been a fan of color over pencils, renato Arlem is my fav at it and you've done him proud in my opinion

    Great girl I want to see more of her and what happens ~!!!

  3. Color under the pencils. I love the look of pencils alone, but coloring under a darkened pencil layer,always comes off harsh to me. I always feel I need the pencils darkened, but that may be because I'm used to seeing inked lines on color. I may need to just take some time off and come back to it. I'll check out Arlem.

  4. Yeah, I looked up Arlem and it's the example of what to do with the pencil that I was wanting. Thanks, KM! Love the Hawkgirl stuff. Hopefully I'll make a little money on this website and be able to afford comic books again! I have a lot to catch up on.

  5. Oh comics have gotten ridiculous, if you somehow manage the time I'd go to barnes and noble and read comics for free to catch up :)


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