Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Whatever Happened To The Hotty Boxers?

Firstly, I may not be able to get to my scanner today to give you the next batch on WWDOSB. Believe me I'd rather be spending time on my blog than what I'm doing today. I only have a sec. 

Here's from a picture story I'm putting words to for Catfight.The title on this one just kind of cracked me up. I've been having fun with the chapter titles on this picture story. Thought you might like to see it. 

Look for it on CFC in the spring!

Monday, November 28, 2011

What We Did On Summer Break Part 1

Okay, so I figured you all might like to see one of my old stories that I worked on  in dribs and drabs over the years. It's long and sadly unfinished, but I promise a reworked version of this will eventually appear on my site. And more importantly, it's gonna have an ending, by Gar!

So here it is, started in what looks like the late eighties (Buns O' Steel being something you could buy on TV only back then) and finishes up fairly recently. You get to see all the erasures, paper scarring from overworking on a face here and there, and worst of all, my lettering. I lettered these things never dreaming that someday I might actually show them to anyone! So if you can read it all, you win the rubber banana!

It's long at least for me. This is the first batch. More to come in the next day or two...

Oh yeah. Everyone in this imaginary story has lived in this imaginary world for at least eighteen imaginary years. No imaginary underage minors anywhere!
Imagine that...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Checking Stats FYI

I check my visitors on Statcounter pretty much every day mostly to see how many visitors I've had, how many are returning visitors, which post is getting hit the most, etc. I especially pay attention to returning visitors, since you returners are my troops!

 I only  get info about the city and cable company a given visitor is coming from, nothing else. I have no idea who you folks are or anything.

 I only know that SOMEONE IN BROOKLYN LOVES MY STUFF! WHOA! Keep it up, man! You're number one as far as I can tell!

This is based on cookies. If you don't want me to know, delete em, it's OK. Privacy rules here!

Big Boob Trailer Park Slapdown 2

Sorry about the absence. I was under the weather a few days. A great way to spend the holidays! I ignored pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure I just needed a rest, and sometimes my body gets sick so I'll stop and relax. The trick now is to plan to rest so I don't have work disrupted. Wish me luck.

I did this story pretty fast but didn't stint on backgrounds or the look of things. This means my workflow is getting to be more efficient and I am able to do more storytelling in the time allotted. I do the amount of work I can do in the time I have to do it. The amount of work I can do is going up. This story I managed to do with more panels per page and I had backgrounds in the frame more often. This makes me much more happy with the finished product.

If you are an artist interested in acquiring a workflow for digital comic art I can recommend the book "The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics" by Freddie E. Williams II. Using this book I've made some small adjustments to how I work that didn't seem like much at first, but made a big difference in time use.

Here are some changes I've made over the last few months:

All drawing is now done digitally, no more scanning sketches.Start to finish on the computer. It took me a while to get used to drawing on the computer for some reason, but I'm more comfortable now after about a year of working with it.

I've broken my workflow into more distinct stages that help me keep my mind clear as I work. (It's easy to get lost or fall into fussing over your work if you don't do this) Specifically I do something called "wireframe" which means in one of several  stages, I do all the line work with a digital brush that gives me a uniform ink line. Then I go back over the line work with a larger digital brush to add accents to lines. This gives you variety of line right away and for some reason takes less time than trying to fully ink as I go. This is a big deal.

I've stopped working so extemporaneously and have begun thumbnailing the story out before I start. Again, this suprisingly saves a lot of time. Working things out as you go is not a fast way to work and leaves you with some weird looking frames sometimes.

Anyway this one was more fun to do than many I've done lately. I even worked in a character based on a guy I went to High School with that had frizzy hair and always wore a beercan hat. He had a deadpan, dry sense of humor and would have liked the take on him that I have in the story. Alas, he seems to be living off the grid since I can't find him anywhere online. I hope he's still with us.

So Catfight Fans, enjoy! More to come soon.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Umbrellas and Bugs

Update on Slid's website:

The umbrella site that my website will be a part of has added a level of complexity to the undertaking that has complicated the construction of the site. In other words, we're still working the bugs outta the thing. And then we have to wait on Visa on top of all of that.

Hopefully we'll be somewhere with this soon. I'll keep you all updated. 

Monday, November 21, 2011

Spy Catfight

I've been neglecting the catfight folks out there lately. Here's from a story I just finished from Catfight Central. It's titled 'Spy'. Catchy, huh? Yeah right.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Buncha Dang Mermaids Part 2

And a bonus Tinkerbell.
More of 'em! I was on a mermaid tear a few years back. From my sketchbook.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

New Site News

The new site is in it's final stages of preparation. The coding is being tested out this week and then when Visa is done checking whatever they check, it's handed over to me to upload my stuff to. Maybe next week? Anyway, it's happening!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Buncha Dang Mermaids page 1

Colored pencil from my sketchbooks. More mermaids to come this week. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I just had to post this...

For all you carpal tunnel sufferers out there. This is reportedly from University of Austin...

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ISM: Knock Knock

From an upcoming ISM at Monsterbabes! Do you hear a knock at the door? If nobody's there...maybe it's the ISM!

Meet the Gradys!

Here are two pages of roughs from a story I called "Meet the Gradys". The lad of eighteen years so admired by all the ladies for his involuntary reflexes is the best man or ring bearer, I forget which, for his Dad who is marrying the massively endowed lady in the wedding dress. The two girls flanking him are going to be his step sisters.
A parody of some tv show from the seventies which shall go nameless...
Sorry, but this is all I did of this far.
Again, all characters are eighteen or older.

Still waiting on the website...

Visa has thrown a monkey wrench into things which should clear up in a day or two. Nothing major, just a pain and time consuming. Hang on.

Until then, heres a lady finding a visitor in her bedroom, and a couple of nurses! From an old sketchbook.
All characters are 18 years old or older.

Until then, more sketches. 

Saturday, November 5, 2011

What you will not find on my website.

You may have noticed that I don't do characters from a lot of different racial backgrounds. This is because I am wary of stumbling over some sort of racial stereotype without meaning to. As I work out what I personally am comfortable doing in this area over time, you should be seeing more of the world's varied population inhabiting my imaginary world. But for now I am deferring from breaching the subject at all.

So you wont see anything on my blog and website that will be promoting any stereotypes of any race of people. I want people to come in, have a pleasant time, and not leave feeling insulted.

Let me tell you why I'm bringing up all of this heavy stuff.

I detest the idea of moderating posts on my blog. Today I've had the unpleasant task of actually taking down a post from someone who sort of incidentally made reference to a racial group that made me feel pretty uncomfortable. As this sort of thing goes, it probably wasn't all that awful. If we were talking face to face it would have simply gone past and it simply would have been beneath my attention . But when you write something on a blog it is more permanent, more emphatic because it doesn't ever go away.

I know, I know. This is hardly the kind of place to be 'politically correct'. But I have traveled around in my time and have friends from everywhere you could name. So when someone uses a term that refers to a racial group in a derogatory way, what goes before my eyes are the faces of my friends who might fit into that stereotype. It isn't an abstraction to me. I'm not going to let it pass. I just can't.

I would consider it a personal favor if everyone would be give my site and it's guests their kind consideration. 

Not quite there

Still hammering out final details. Hang in there! I'll post the url as soon as it's final and up. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Slid's Super Sex Comics Site opening is imminent!

It may be that I'll be open for business tomorrow, barring coding issues. They're testing for credit card use now. I will put up the url as soon as I have it established for sure. The site's name is tentatively going to be Slid's Super Sex Comics or Slid's Swell Super Sex Comics. I have yet to nail down a price, but it will be affordable and competitive with other solo artist sites.

Holy crap, it's actually happening!!!

Stay tuned. 

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

How do bloggers get people to comment?

In the last three years, give or take that I've had this blog up I've never had much luck with getting folks to comment one way or another on my posts . That's despite the steady flow of traffic this blog gets. People poke their heads in, come and go and make nary a sound. I haven't got a clue as to why.

I go on other sites like Wildebeest or Glassfish or on and on,  and there are comments on every single post. Several!

Whatever they're doing to get folks talking is working. I just wish I knew what it was.

I suspect that I  may not be getting many comments because I don't  have much time to go on forums to talk or belong to a community of any kind, so no one really knows me well enough to feel free to speak up. Could that be it? I barely can scratch together enough time to update a blog, much less go on a forum, so it's really beyond me right now to do much about it.  But it would be nice to know that that's the problem and not my work. I may not know until I do start talking on a forum.

Another may be that I don't write much on my blog, just toss things up and get  back to work. There is not much to hang a comment on in this blog I suppose. I just figure no one has time to read my nattering since few folks comment so I have just got in the habit of posting pictures without much comment. That may be working against me, I don't know. But  in the past when I have expounded, my comments haven't excited much commentary.

Interestingly Basta has the same exact problem, as he commented on a recent post on his own blog.

Until then if anyone who is a blogger themselves, or anyone else for that matter,  could offer their thoughts, I'd really appreciate it.

Let me know what you think.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Site content and Milfs Attack!

 The above are from separate stories I've done for myself in years past. These stories may appear on my site, but I'll redo them for you folks. These are sort of works in progress. The first from the story, Collecting, and the next two from Publicity.

Okay, now. Web gurus are currently sweating over coding on my site and I hope to see some action in a few days. Glad I'm not a web guru...sounds like a headache. 

So the question is WHAT is gonna be on this site. 

've had lots of advice. All of it good. As far as I can tell. I'll know more about which advice was good and which was bad after I've had the site open a few months. At this point I can only guess at what I should major in on this site. 

The hands down most common piece of advice I've heard is: Superheroines! It's the most stable and the most popular of genres according to conventional wisdom. That seems sensible to me and I do need to play it safe.


I can't stand to only do one thing. HATE it! 

So what I want to do is a site that does indeed major in Super Sex, but also has a plethora of other subjects. I want to do this because I am wondering about the age of the conventional wisdom I've gotten about the superheroines. It could be a saturated market, I'm thinking, based on no evidence what ever. Just my gut.  It may be that I can bring a new wrinkle to it... oh hell, I know I can... and it is a versatile genre with possibilities for catfighting, straight sex, rape, bondage, humiliation, on and on. But I have noticed that probably the most popular thing on my blog (which has precious little superheroine stuff so far.) is Milfs taking down young fellas. I know it's sure my favorite thing, which counts. It can fit into superheroines too...but I think I'd like to see milfs put on their own shelf as well. 

MILFs are  notably absent from the x-rated comic choices out there. Well not absent exactly, but what is out there in internet land majors largely in the incest area featuring alarmingly young...boys, really...which I totally have no problem with but apparently the Lord God VISA does. I'll need to avoid that. Why go hunting trouble? And it really isn't my thing anyhow.

What I'm talking about is  the neighbor lady that gets horny and dives on the inexperienced pool guy working his way through Junior College. Maybe a dorm superintendent that has a nice thing going on  breaking in the geeky dorm guys. A Harry Potteresque story about a young fella with a magic ring that makes any woman he is attracted to want to jump him on the spot. A super genius with x-ray specs and an aphrodisiac formula. You get it.

No femdom, no incest, more of a general audience thing. Showtime with hard core elements. I like it, you like it, so why not?

One reason I can think to hold off on that is that the marketing approach says to do ONE THING. But don't most people like more than one thing? I do...I think a site with variety would be well received and fun to do. So fuck the marketers. They wrecked radio after all.

So I'll be doing that MILFy thing...I gotta think of a name for it that isn't Japanese. I'll do it along with Superheroines, horror, sci fi, fantasy, and anything else I can think of. Look for stuff that you've seen from my sketchbooks in particular. That's my databank that I've spent years loading up with oodles of ideas. And drawings.

Oh yeah and my sketches will be on the site too.

I'll keep you updated.