Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet the Gradys!

Here are two pages of roughs from a story I called "Meet the Gradys". The lad of eighteen years so admired by all the ladies for his involuntary reflexes is the best man or ring bearer, I forget which, for his Dad who is marrying the massively endowed lady in the wedding dress. The two girls flanking him are going to be his step sisters.
A parody of some tv show from the seventies which shall go nameless...
Sorry, but this is all I did of this one...so far.
Again, all characters are eighteen or older.


  1. When can we expect the full comic??

  2. Oh, god...eventually. I'm still trying to get the website up and haven't thought that far ahead yet. One thing at a time...

  3. Hopefully we'll see some women with large breasts.

  4. Snort! Ya think? I should probably tone them down some.

  5. And somewhere the Zimmerman fans just started sobbing...


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