Sunday, November 27, 2011

Big Boob Trailer Park Slapdown 2

Sorry about the absence. I was under the weather a few days. A great way to spend the holidays! I ignored pretty much everything. I'm pretty sure I just needed a rest, and sometimes my body gets sick so I'll stop and relax. The trick now is to plan to rest so I don't have work disrupted. Wish me luck.

I did this story pretty fast but didn't stint on backgrounds or the look of things. This means my workflow is getting to be more efficient and I am able to do more storytelling in the time allotted. I do the amount of work I can do in the time I have to do it. The amount of work I can do is going up. This story I managed to do with more panels per page and I had backgrounds in the frame more often. This makes me much more happy with the finished product.

If you are an artist interested in acquiring a workflow for digital comic art I can recommend the book "The DC Comics Guide to Digitally Drawing Comics" by Freddie E. Williams II. Using this book I've made some small adjustments to how I work that didn't seem like much at first, but made a big difference in time use.

Here are some changes I've made over the last few months:

All drawing is now done digitally, no more scanning sketches.Start to finish on the computer. It took me a while to get used to drawing on the computer for some reason, but I'm more comfortable now after about a year of working with it.

I've broken my workflow into more distinct stages that help me keep my mind clear as I work. (It's easy to get lost or fall into fussing over your work if you don't do this) Specifically I do something called "wireframe" which means in one of several  stages, I do all the line work with a digital brush that gives me a uniform ink line. Then I go back over the line work with a larger digital brush to add accents to lines. This gives you variety of line right away and for some reason takes less time than trying to fully ink as I go. This is a big deal.

I've stopped working so extemporaneously and have begun thumbnailing the story out before I start. Again, this suprisingly saves a lot of time. Working things out as you go is not a fast way to work and leaves you with some weird looking frames sometimes.

Anyway this one was more fun to do than many I've done lately. I even worked in a character based on a guy I went to High School with that had frizzy hair and always wore a beercan hat. He had a deadpan, dry sense of humor and would have liked the take on him that I have in the story. Alas, he seems to be living off the grid since I can't find him anywhere online. I hope he's still with us.

So Catfight Fans, enjoy! More to come soon.

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