Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Site content and Milfs Attack!

 The above are from separate stories I've done for myself in years past. These stories may appear on my site, but I'll redo them for you folks. These are sort of works in progress. The first from the story, Collecting, and the next two from Publicity.

Okay, now. Web gurus are currently sweating over coding on my site and I hope to see some action in a few days. Glad I'm not a web guru...sounds like a headache. 

So the question is WHAT is gonna be on this site. 

've had lots of advice. All of it good. As far as I can tell. I'll know more about which advice was good and which was bad after I've had the site open a few months. At this point I can only guess at what I should major in on this site. 

The hands down most common piece of advice I've heard is: Superheroines! It's the most stable and the most popular of genres according to conventional wisdom. That seems sensible to me and I do need to play it safe.


I can't stand to only do one thing. HATE it! 

So what I want to do is a site that does indeed major in Super Sex, but also has a plethora of other subjects. I want to do this because I am wondering about the age of the conventional wisdom I've gotten about the superheroines. It could be a saturated market, I'm thinking, based on no evidence what ever. Just my gut.  It may be that I can bring a new wrinkle to it... oh hell, I know I can... and it is a versatile genre with possibilities for catfighting, straight sex, rape, bondage, humiliation, on and on. But I have noticed that probably the most popular thing on my blog (which has precious little superheroine stuff so far.) is Milfs taking down young fellas. I know it's sure my favorite thing, which counts. It can fit into superheroines too...but I think I'd like to see milfs put on their own shelf as well. 

MILFs are  notably absent from the x-rated comic choices out there. Well not absent exactly, but what is out there in internet land majors largely in the incest area featuring alarmingly young...boys, really...which I totally have no problem with but apparently the Lord God VISA does. I'll need to avoid that. Why go hunting trouble? And it really isn't my thing anyhow.

What I'm talking about is  the neighbor lady that gets horny and dives on the inexperienced pool guy working his way through Junior College. Maybe a dorm superintendent that has a nice thing going on  breaking in the geeky dorm guys. A Harry Potteresque story about a young fella with a magic ring that makes any woman he is attracted to want to jump him on the spot. A super genius with x-ray specs and an aphrodisiac formula. You get it.

No femdom, no incest, more of a general audience thing. Showtime with hard core elements. I like it, you like it, so why not?

One reason I can think to hold off on that is that the marketing approach says to do ONE THING. But don't most people like more than one thing? I do...I think a site with variety would be well received and fun to do. So fuck the marketers. They wrecked radio after all.

So I'll be doing that MILFy thing...I gotta think of a name for it that isn't Japanese. I'll do it along with Superheroines, horror, sci fi, fantasy, and anything else I can think of. Look for stuff that you've seen from my sketchbooks in particular. That's my databank that I've spent years loading up with oodles of ideas. And drawings.

Oh yeah and my sketches will be on the site too.

I'll keep you updated.



  1. And don't forget ISM, Slid. Right?

  2. Yes, ISM and his little dog too. ;-D This isn't an exhaustive list by any means.

  3. This MILF stuff is the best I ever seen!!!

  4. Go for it! Your MILF stuff is great, and it's something of a novelty to find an artist who draws such great older women without having them fuck little kids. I love your stuff as it is, and more variety is always welcome. Keep up the amazing job!

  5. Thanks, Anon! Starting a new income stream (read: new business) is nervous making and I'm not the most relaxed guy in the world. Your encouragement helps me a lot. I can only wonder at this point if all my assumptions about what to do and who is interested, will work out. It's good to hear a hoo-ray. Thanks

  6. Going through the back posts, are these sketches on the site? I thought I had gotten all the sketchbook works but I hadn't seen these *great* pieces!

    1. they may not be on the site. I have an overdue inventory to perform. These are all from personal pieces I did before I started this business. My Summer Job, and The Paperboy. Neither are finished. I'll see about locating them. I lost three external hard drives last year and I'm trying to find the stuff I still have..


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