Sunday, October 28, 2012

Repost Battlin' Broads

This is one of my faves and can have a re post I think!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From the Vaults, more gems

This is from a story I did many moons ago for SpaceBabeCentral. It was called Dead Sky Above Us, and in the story I did several spoofs of different sci fi eras. Fifties Catwomen on the Moon, Star Trek, And in this case, Star Wars. We have my Luke And Han based ladies, and the dude on the radio? Chui!

Loved it when I did it. Want to do it again in the future!


New Post and a nifty giffy site

The next page is up on SSSC for The ISM's Good Girls Gone Bad.

More to come today.

And another nice erotic animated gif site I found. Call me a luddite, but somehow these things can leave more room for imagining stories around them than a full video.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Found some gold

Early style experiments. I didn't know where to go style wise with this simple and elegant approach. Now that I've seen Ben 10, Avengers, etc, I've got some sense of direction that I could go with this.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Hat Tip

To friend of the site Dave, for pointing me toward yet another British model, Rachel Steele. Other than her obvious and exquisite gifts, she has a particular kind of website that appeals to me and many of you all. That would be MILF's and young men, with some light femdom and short stories illustrated by herself and other talented models, Dallas, Grace, Jessica, Misty, Angel, and Gwen. Big drool for milf fans.
Again, I'm posting this all as a fan. I'm not linking to her, nor do I have any relationship with her. I don't want this site to become spammy and ugly in linking hither and yon. '

I just find this sort of thing to be a breath of fresh air compared to US style porn.

And Rachel is awesome!

Reconsidering cont.

I think Richard has a point. I can do mindless s & m  or stories about characters and situations. I was thinking that in particular the sex scenes in my comics were looking boring. I like the google search page Richard sent along.,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.&fp=f4665d751b714c8e&bpcl=35243188&biw=1466&bih=626

Women working out, that kind of stuff. He's reminding me about situation and characters.
I have personal incidents I can draw from as most of y'all do. I actually haven't done much of taking memories and running with them in a story. For example I saw a woman once come out of her house in a morning in her robe, bend down to pick up the paper, and give me a nice early morning wake up of
cleavage. Add to that, this was in an affluent neighborhood and had she seen me looking wouldn't likely have been pleased. ISM would have kept her bent down and had his way, or at least popped her robe open for the appreciation of all! ISM, paperboy! Heh heh.

Will, I think, is reminding me that the point of this site was to stand out, not blend in. My poor sales reflect poor marketing and little depth in content. And a less than fully professional look to my work, which can be rushed of necessity right now.

I'm going to take a few days away from SSSC, two or three at least, to get caught up with a bunch of work at m9. I will resume GGGB and want to get out some new pages of Wonder Womam and Barda as soon as I can.


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Thinking over my stories

Thinking about how to improve my stories, I've been cruising sites that I would consider exciting and off my usual beaten to speak.
So far I've been impressed by anything in the group of sites. Sex Fights, Sex Machines, etc. Exciting and not just the usual stuff one sees on Wicked or others.

Anyone got any suggestions for exciting and action packed porn I might educate myself with with an aim to jazzing things up a little?


Monday, October 8, 2012

ISM Good Girls Gone Bad!

Back at long last. I'm not quite back to where I need to be yet, but in the mean time, a commissioner of mine has given me permission to post the commission I did for him a while back! There are over 20 pages of this story and growing, so it's doubtful I'll run out of posts for a while.

This is the first page and it's all ya get without payin'!

I hope you enjoy it. It's a little off beat from my usual ISM tale, but go with it! What the heck.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hysterical Literature

Hysterical Literature Stormy

Hysterical Literature Stoya

This is a series of four (so far) films of women reading serious literature while sitting on a vibrator. It's one of the most erotic things I've seen. ISM could be active...but in any case, every guy should have a woman cumm like these two do at least once in his life. For myself, Stormy has a terrifically sexy deep voice and Stoya has about the cutest orgasm on record.

Sector 13 for October

Galactic Legend. It could also be titled: Attack of the Living Jizz, but that's too lame even for me. Here's a sample. MCPO Arno also makes an appearance in this one. Coming soon to SpaceBabeCentral

Lucy Pinder

Hat tip to one of my regular correspondents and commissioners in the UK. The young woman whose picture  I admired so much in an earlier blog is a UK model named Lucy Pinder.
She's about all I could ask in photo reference for the kind of women I mostly draw. Many pictures of her can be seen here:
20 hottest photos of Lucy Pinder

TMI cont.

After getting rid of Eye of Newt, and increasing Bat Wings, and fixing the double double boiler trouble, it looks like my meds are clearing my head finally. I really lost a lot of work time due to a medication imbalance that gave me drowsiness, unfocused-ness, and general discombobulation, so when we got rid of the culprit, my brain pan realigned and seems much better. So far. Hopefully the effect is permanent. 

It's funny how doctors don't necessarily talk to each other. That would have helped. Ah, health care in the US.

Still having blinky memory issues, mostly short term, but that again is nothing new. But it's better than it was. Words I hear have stopped just sliding off my brain like rainwater and I can actually comprehend things said to me, or written in a book! I'm working on organizing myself finally and getting my act together.  Even better, one of the characteristics of ADD is the difficulty of anticipating pleasure due to something called 'time blindness'. I used to approach vacations or finishing projects at work, for example, and feel nothing in terms of anticipation. Even present pleasures seemed muted or non existent.All one big "MEH!" You can imagine the heck this would play with someone's motivation or decision making.

 Bare in mind: I've had this condition my entire life thinking it was just part of life's landscape. The idea that something could be done about it never occurred to me.Life just had this low level suckiness that was just there. I was just weird and that's all there was to it. 

 Now with a diagnosis( I'VE GOT WHAT?!!AND I'VE HAD IT ALL MY LIFE?!!!) and proper medication I'm beginning to feel pleasure in being curious, in learning, and I hope soon, in breaking my long established reflexive isolation. And drawing and writing is more fun than ever. 

The bankruptcy sucks and now we are in the waiting part. Two months before final approval. 

I'm going to putting stuff up on the blog and on SSSC  this week. I'm behind on all of my work so I'll be putting up a story I've been waiting to color, but have decided to go ahead and get started on for the sake of getting started. It's a commission piece that my commissioner has generously permitted me to use an ISM story that's a bit off beat for ISM but one you should enjoy. 

More to come!