Wednesday, October 3, 2012

TMI cont.

After getting rid of Eye of Newt, and increasing Bat Wings, and fixing the double double boiler trouble, it looks like my meds are clearing my head finally. I really lost a lot of work time due to a medication imbalance that gave me drowsiness, unfocused-ness, and general discombobulation, so when we got rid of the culprit, my brain pan realigned and seems much better. So far. Hopefully the effect is permanent. 

It's funny how doctors don't necessarily talk to each other. That would have helped. Ah, health care in the US.

Still having blinky memory issues, mostly short term, but that again is nothing new. But it's better than it was. Words I hear have stopped just sliding off my brain like rainwater and I can actually comprehend things said to me, or written in a book! I'm working on organizing myself finally and getting my act together.  Even better, one of the characteristics of ADD is the difficulty of anticipating pleasure due to something called 'time blindness'. I used to approach vacations or finishing projects at work, for example, and feel nothing in terms of anticipation. Even present pleasures seemed muted or non existent.All one big "MEH!" You can imagine the heck this would play with someone's motivation or decision making.

 Bare in mind: I've had this condition my entire life thinking it was just part of life's landscape. The idea that something could be done about it never occurred to me.Life just had this low level suckiness that was just there. I was just weird and that's all there was to it. 

 Now with a diagnosis( I'VE GOT WHAT?!!AND I'VE HAD IT ALL MY LIFE?!!!) and proper medication I'm beginning to feel pleasure in being curious, in learning, and I hope soon, in breaking my long established reflexive isolation. And drawing and writing is more fun than ever. 

The bankruptcy sucks and now we are in the waiting part. Two months before final approval. 

I'm going to putting stuff up on the blog and on SSSC  this week. I'm behind on all of my work so I'll be putting up a story I've been waiting to color, but have decided to go ahead and get started on for the sake of getting started. It's a commission piece that my commissioner has generously permitted me to use an ISM story that's a bit off beat for ISM but one you should enjoy. 

More to come!

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