Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another Hat Tip

To friend of the site Dave, for pointing me toward yet another British model, Rachel Steele. Other than her obvious and exquisite gifts, she has a particular kind of website that appeals to me and many of you all. That would be MILF's and young men, with some light femdom and short stories illustrated by herself and other talented models, Dallas, Grace, Jessica, Misty, Angel, and Gwen. Big drool for milf fans.
Again, I'm posting this all as a fan. I'm not linking to her, nor do I have any relationship with her. I don't want this site to become spammy and ugly in linking hither and yon. '

I just find this sort of thing to be a breath of fresh air compared to US style porn.

And Rachel is awesome!


  1. She's British? Huh, you learn something new everyday.

  2. My mistake. I assumed for reasons I shall never divulge that she was when she aint!


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