Tuesday, October 23, 2012

From the Vaults, more gems

This is from a story I did many moons ago for SpaceBabeCentral. It was called Dead Sky Above Us, and in the story I did several spoofs of different sci fi eras. Fifties Catwomen on the Moon, Star Trek, And in this case, Star Wars. We have my Luke And Han based ladies, and the dude on the radio? Chui!

Loved it when I did it. Want to do it again in the future!



  1. Uh, don't you mean "Chewie"? (and with that, I just geeked myself...)

  2. can we still buy these comix? i couldnt find them on their website.

    1. Nope. Not unless Mike wants to do a dvd of the series. They belong to him, not me.


  3. But it's likely I'll be doing something with them here on SSSC. I like these guys too. There is a nice little universe unrelated to the Sector 13 series to be found in Dead Sky Above Us.


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