Friday, October 28, 2011

In walks the girl of his dreams...

One of my favorites. He's over eighteen. She's around 35. I'm middle aged, how bout you?

It's funny how you can look at an old drawing and remember some of  what was happening when you were drawing it...

Superheroines from the Sketch Book

A couple from the vault. Pretty old but fun. Everyone is intended to be over the age of Eighteen.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days End

Long day putting together and writing photostories for Catfight. Another tomorrow. Trying to catch up. Lots of delays this month what with digging up new work, (found some) and getting stuff ready for the website.
Some thoughts and off to bed.
Judging by download numbers, folks like the stuff I've done for myself the best. Timmy Quick is huge (I didn't see that coming!), as is Martians, and The Ring. Catfight stuff comes right in with them, especially Battle In The Burbs which isn't a pure catfight piece but has the MILF thing going on. Also ISM continues, and for some reason, Coach Cocker. He makes me laugh.
I haven't even gotten to Superheroines much yet...wonder what'll happen with that.
Why are these things so popular? I don't know if there's one common thread, but I do pay attention to what folks like: fun things. Things I like. I'm gratified when folks like the things I do too, as in this case. I guess it's best to follow my bliss here.

I hope I get lots of company for the trip! And no, not just for sales sake. Doing what I do, well it's nice to know I'm not all alone and "talking" only to my self.

It's a good feeling to know that.

A Buncha Catfight Reposts.

I'm pretty sure I haven't reposted these already...

Tiki Take Down

Okay, Catfight fans! This from my latest Catfight Central story, Tiki Take Down. Just go with it...

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Website announcement and Timmy Quick sketch

My website has suddenly gone into warp speed after all these months of getting nowhere and is coming together even as you read this. Which is why I've been laggard about this blog this week: I've been busy gettin' things together. 

What happened? Eh, long sordid story short, the stars all aligned and fate has forced my hand...which started unexpected things happening, which led to some folks out there being amazingly helpful and generous exactly when I needed it. I'm just gob smacked! 

Anyway, bottom line is that in roughly two weeks my website will be up and running!!! 

Hard to believe, I know. 

Media Nine is creating a website for creators to have their own paysites all under one 'roof'. I will have my website there with my own url and everything I need to easily put up my work each week. 

I'll be continuing to have work appearing on Monsterbabes as well as posting my own content on my new site for a while, at least until I go insane... which shouldn't take very long. (I'm halfway there now!)

Details(price, url, contents, etc) to come as they gel. 

Stay Tuned!!!

The brilliant Timmy is about to get hit with what ever it is in that the lady scientist has in that beaker. Urine sample most likely. Oh well. Somethings are just worth the price you have to pay...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A buncha dang Martians

Have you got a bad case of Martians? Too bad! Suck it up, buttercup! They're here to stay!

 All characters depicted here in are imagined and intended to be over the age of eighteen.

A couple are new and a couple are re posts.

Monday, October 17, 2011

the Sirenoids!

I love the movie "Humanoids From The Deep". Directed by Roger Corman from the 70's, starring my all time favorite B movie actor, Doug McClure. Anyway this inspired an idea I sketched out one day of these monsters from the bay that had an eerie mating call that upon hearing it would drive any woman out of her mind with lust! Any male nearby whether it be monster, or fella, or lady would then get really lucky for a good long while! Like the eighteen year old neighbor kid pictured here!

I intend to do this story on my future site. One of many stories I have that I will revive from my notes.

Story notes from "The Sirenoids."

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Code

A sample of the stuff I'm working on for my web site. This from the story, "The Code". Y'see, theres this no foolin' around rule for superheroes that's enforced by the omnipotent and super prudish Enforcers of the Code. What's that mean? It means NO NAKIDITY! And really unsexy clothes.

 On your left, you see the Mad Scientist reacting to a wardrobe malfunction that is gonna cause him misery, judging by the Enforcer in the door way behind him. You can see the hero's boredom in the panel on the right... There are no thrills here for anyone.

Anyway,don't worry. It all comes unravelled.

Witch Milf

A sketch of an old character: The Witch MILF. 

Painting trees

Here I am in my 'smeary' phase. From Whisper Park. Don't go in there. 

Tales of the Unexpecting

This from a Spacebabe Central story way back when. In a style I mean to return to.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sketchbook page with colored pencil experiments.

It's a sketchbook page from around 2000. Experimental colored pencil.  

Sunday, October 9, 2011

A buncha new posts and reposts.

An old pencil rendered lady from my sketchbook and a page from a story called Timmy Quick and his X-Ray Specs
Everyone in this picture is intended to be over the age of 43. Or at least 18...

Tonya the Freebooter

I did this a while back in Catfight Central. A precursor to Barbarian MILF later seen in Monsterbabes. 

My Main Man Sasquatch

Here's Sasquatch gettin' back to basics! The first one above was from Sasquatch vs the Mother In Law,
and the second is from Sasquatch vs. the Sorority Girls. 

Leg shot!

One of my favs. From the Living Brain series. 

The Pool Man

You know...that guy that lives in your pool? A painted piece from wayback. 

New Vampire Milf

Soon to be seen on Monsterbabes: Ligea the Vampire Milf's return. This is a "now where was I?" kind of story that recaps the disjointed tale I was trying to tell in previous installments. Looking at this pinup page I did, I feel like it's awfully tame. I need to be putting in a lot more gooey, bouncing, dribbling, spewing fun into my stories.
I hope you like it anyway!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Most popular posts

Just a quick one today. I just went over my stats and was pleased to find that the most popular pictures in the last week or so were my little sketches. A really pronounced preference for those has made itself known. This goes to the idea that I've assembled my own unique audience that's different from, though includes the audience that hangs around the M9 sites.

I see that there's an audience for my sketches and that I should be selling my sketchbooks as collections in pdf downloads. And I see that what I've done just for myself is at least as popular as anything else I've done. This is encouraging.
More to come!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Posts! 10! Some new, some old, and a sketch!

Ten more up today.

 Do enjoy this page from a story I did for myself some years ago. It's a rough that I should finish someday. Maybe for my site. From my personal vaults, a story titled: "The Ring".

It's a kind of Harry Potter gets busy tale of a young man who's parents are mysteriously killed and he ends up in the care of an abusive, hateful distant relative and his wife, who just happens to be stacked like a brick shithouse! I came up with this idea years before HP ever showed up. Eerie coincidence?

 At the old family mansion, hidden away in a storage shack the fellow is tasked with cleaning up,  he discovers a small box containing a ring that belonged to a his great Uncle. His great Uncle had a magic act in the 1920's and many of his old props are stored in this storage shack.

 Wearing the ring  imparts the lonely eighteen year old with a tremendous attractiveness to women he's attracted to himself. I mean a really, really big attractiveness! I mean women start throwing themselves at him and tearing off his and their clothes! Starting with his stacked shirt tail relative and then her equally endowed sister, and on and so forth.

This from the scene he gets his cherry popped, with a thunderstorm going in the background. As all cherry popping should be done, IMO.

More of this magical story will show up here in the near future!

Living Brain and his ladies

This is the last panel of the Living Brain series I did. That was the very first story line I did for Horrorbabes, when I first started with M9.The ladies had been changed, recast into fifties scifi vintage nightmares. Pop quiz: all character designs for these monstrous beauties are based on actual fifties sci fi movies! Do you know which ones?

Phantom Diner

I love ghost stories!  Ghost stories inhabit my favorite corner of the genre of Horror. Among other kinds of spooky tales, I love to do stories about ghosts found along lonely stretches of highway. Could be 'cause I grew up on one of those. You can still run across the skeletal remains of old grocery stores, gas stations, and in this case, diners. A friendly waitress with nothing to do can lead to a fun time bent over the counter. Or you can end up with an ending to the encounter you didn't expect, as in this story from Horrorbabes a few years ago.

Talk about getting together with an older woman! Just make sure she ain't too old!

Karate Kats

For Cafight fiends, a little gettin' down in the dojo!

Journey To The Planets

From a 50's sci fi type story I did way back when. I should to more of these. 

Full Rock

One of my favorite drawings. 


Space Milf, Chastity and her young beau...who turns out to have a side she didn't expect...

Monster In the Porta Potty

Probably the most tasteless thing I've done...

Rhonda Retro Rehabilitated

One of my favorites. Hope you like it too. Poor Rhonda...she doesn't stand a chance, does she?

Castaways 10 It all came down to Trina

Castaways 10 on Monsterbabes. It's under the Housewives In Space button, which is coming down this month! Get it while it's there!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Lips study and 'how to draw stuff' stuff

Okay, so it ain't porn, but this is a study I did a while back. various extremes.

I copied a few lip drawings I liked and looked at and copied a couple of photos, and when I got the hang of it, I started inventing my own. That's how learning to invent things works. Build a bank of knowledge and your intuition becomes more educated and useful while you're drawing. The studies you have done then become valuable reference later on. You will make use of these references more than you'll use books on how to draw since it is reference you've made just for yourself and with your intentions in mind. Problems get solved and progress is made this way. BTW, it's not the only way to work on problems, but it's the most effective, IMO.

At first you may notice that when you're drawing something you've studied that you may be able to notice when something is wrong...but what exactly is wrong will still be elusive.  This feeling of wrongness appearing when you draw is an enormously important step forward in developing your intuition, so don't let the frustration you may feel get you down. Feed it, work it, and you'll get better at spotting  elusive problems later on.

Over time you'll develop and perfect a procedure you use to get to the bottom of something that's bothering you.

Often that procedure consists of a mental check list of anatomy and design principles. "Are the features lined up right?" (this one works more often that you'd think in the case of faces.) "Is the face too big for the head?" "Do I have enough dimension in this head or is it flat looking?" "Do I have enough variety in the abstract shapes that comprise what I'm drawing?"(Learn to see shapes instead of the literal thing you're drawing) "Does the figure have a clear flow and do the shapes contained in it have direction?" (I've got to talk more about this one. Alan Davis is a good example of an artist who has a lot of 'flow' in his work. Find some of his superb work and see if you can figure out what I mean. ) And so on.

Instead of principles you may flip the drawing upside down so you can see the work from a new angle and you often can catch problems that way. Or go take a break. Or go work on another drawing and come back to this one. Or wad up the paper and throw it at the cat. (A personal favorite.) Hop around and cluck like a chicken. (That doesn't do anything. I just want to see if I can get you to do it...)

It may sound like a lot, but with practice and mileage it gets manageable. More on this over time.
Yeah, and there's a free robot arm thrown in too. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Bastacomix Digital

Before I get back to posting like mad on this site, I just want to give a shout out to you all about my good friend Basta who has digital comics for sale via paypal. I'm not sure everyone is aware of his work, and if you haven't run across it before, do check it out. It's great naughty fun stuff!