Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Code

A sample of the stuff I'm working on for my web site. This from the story, "The Code". Y'see, theres this no foolin' around rule for superheroes that's enforced by the omnipotent and super prudish Enforcers of the Code. What's that mean? It means NO NAKIDITY! And really unsexy clothes.

 On your left, you see the Mad Scientist reacting to a wardrobe malfunction that is gonna cause him misery, judging by the Enforcer in the door way behind him. You can see the hero's boredom in the panel on the right... There are no thrills here for anyone.

Anyway,don't worry. It all comes unravelled.

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  1. Great breasts, have no clue what this story is About but you have my attention, looks elaborate


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