Saturday, October 22, 2011

Website announcement and Timmy Quick sketch

My website has suddenly gone into warp speed after all these months of getting nowhere and is coming together even as you read this. Which is why I've been laggard about this blog this week: I've been busy gettin' things together. 

What happened? Eh, long sordid story short, the stars all aligned and fate has forced my hand...which started unexpected things happening, which led to some folks out there being amazingly helpful and generous exactly when I needed it. I'm just gob smacked! 

Anyway, bottom line is that in roughly two weeks my website will be up and running!!! 

Hard to believe, I know. 

Media Nine is creating a website for creators to have their own paysites all under one 'roof'. I will have my website there with my own url and everything I need to easily put up my work each week. 

I'll be continuing to have work appearing on Monsterbabes as well as posting my own content on my new site for a while, at least until I go insane... which shouldn't take very long. (I'm halfway there now!)

Details(price, url, contents, etc) to come as they gel. 

Stay Tuned!!!

The brilliant Timmy is about to get hit with what ever it is in that the lady scientist has in that beaker. Urine sample most likely. Oh well. Somethings are just worth the price you have to pay...

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  1. The contents of the beaker are actually the sinister results of the science teacher's midnite experiments to restore the sagging elasticity (you should excuse the phrase)of MILF boobies.

    The chemicals react with Timmy's adolescent DNA to give him incredible elasticity in all his extremities. ALL of them....


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