Saturday, October 8, 2011

Most popular posts

Just a quick one today. I just went over my stats and was pleased to find that the most popular pictures in the last week or so were my little sketches. A really pronounced preference for those has made itself known. This goes to the idea that I've assembled my own unique audience that's different from, though includes the audience that hangs around the M9 sites.

I see that there's an audience for my sketches and that I should be selling my sketchbooks as collections in pdf downloads. And I see that what I've done just for myself is at least as popular as anything else I've done. This is encouraging.
More to come!


  1. If you do something because you love it, it will find other folks who love it.

    Besides, your pencils just rock! Remind me of a younger Neal Adams.

  2. Wow! Thanks! But I'm nicer than Neal Adams...I knew an artist that worked for Neal when he had a storyboard business going. She made the same observation about my work. Buoyed me right up then too.


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