Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Days End

Long day putting together and writing photostories for Catfight. Another tomorrow. Trying to catch up. Lots of delays this month what with digging up new work, (found some) and getting stuff ready for the website.
Some thoughts and off to bed.
Judging by download numbers, folks like the stuff I've done for myself the best. Timmy Quick is huge (I didn't see that coming!), as is Martians, and The Ring. Catfight stuff comes right in with them, especially Battle In The Burbs which isn't a pure catfight piece but has the MILF thing going on. Also ISM continues, and for some reason, Coach Cocker. He makes me laugh.
I haven't even gotten to Superheroines much yet...wonder what'll happen with that.
Why are these things so popular? I don't know if there's one common thread, but I do pay attention to what folks like: fun things. Things I like. I'm gratified when folks like the things I do too, as in this case. I guess it's best to follow my bliss here.

I hope I get lots of company for the trip! And no, not just for sales sake. Doing what I do, well it's nice to know I'm not all alone and "talking" only to my self.

It's a good feeling to know that.

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  1. Yes, many of those voices are real. *g*

    If you can make a go of it, you should stick with what appeals to you and trust it to find like minds. Sick, but like...


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