Friday, September 30, 2011

30 new posts, most reposts, but many of them new, some new sketches!

Thats one big load, buddy! Another load comin' too, soon as I can get it up again! 

Swamp Rage from Catfight

Swamp babes! Woo hoo! 

Sector 13 an upcoming series

Sector 13 is an anthology series that will soon start at Monsterbabes. Weird things happen in this part of space. Quarantined until some fool at Central opened it up again. An insert I added to cover up a bad drawing. Damn floatin' skulls always mess me up...

Rhonda Retro Hot Mud

The Reliable Rhonda gets in deep again!

Painting Experiment

Still working on the painting here. I'm way too slow at painting to make it profitable to do stories like this much. I'm not giving up though. 

Rich Bitch Incident 3

Sans backgrounds. From Catfight Central

A page from Publicity

Publicity is a sex comedy I drew for myself over a span of years. The art varies in quality quite a bit and isn't finished. Still, perhaps I will put it up on this blog anyway. 

The Man From Planet X

Not a Media Nine piece. One of my early attempts at inking. He's a secret agent from another planet. I read a pretty raunchy novel back in the seventies by that title that  was in this vein. I've never found the book again and I figure that it's probably not violating anyone's copyright to do this. Anyway, the book didn't feature a gelatinous bisexual blob that could shape itself into anything that turned anyone on...kind of a good character, now that I think of it.Hmmm.

Sketchbook Have a look!

I get crushes on some's a thing I have.

Vampire Milf ink drawing

Ligea the Rose. She has some big blossoms, brother. 

ISM sketchbook piece

From before I worked at M9. 

Invisible Sex Maniac Plowin' the Field

This one was a story I did from art work I had done for myself before I started at M9. 

Invisible Sex Maniac orgy in the classroom

Kind of makes me think of my old school days...and how nothing like this ever happened, dammit! Um, that's the ISM's dingus, well coated, floating by there. 


She gets the house...Auntie's pissed about that...and the ghost. Lucky lady!

Catfight How to be successful inserts

This is one of my most popular bits. I sometimes will do a story and darn it, it just needs a little more to round it out, give it some drama. So I'll go back and add an insert like the above two. 

One of my very favorite Catfights!

What's not to love, right? A little less exaggeration on the boobs. Nice results.

Catfight That's no way to treat a titty!

Dead Sky Above Us Telepathic Voyeur

Kinda makes you want to be a mind reader, don't it? Or have a green girlfriend...Or a pasty white one with quarters on her eyes!

Dead Sky Above Us Old Boyfriend

Some ex boy friends can sure hang around a long time!

Curiosity 2

When your room mate's a witch, you better have a good running bra!

Castaways Ridin' the Range

Tie 'em up and climb right on, I always say...

Castaways from Monsterbabes

Castaways is a feature of Housewives In Space. 

Painted 60's Catfight

Catfight Black Widow 2 or 3 or sumthin'

Oh those darned MILFs are at it again! They are a peril to the moral fabric of this nation's 18 year old lads!
Ahhhh, he's not complainin'!

Billigan's Island!

I had tons of fun with this one. The entire time I has doing this "A three hour tour" kept going around in my head. Just like you have right now! Earworm!

Catfight John and Johan

These two old guys oughta make a comeback. 

Catfight whoopin it out!

Alien Agent A girl and her blob

Alien Autopsy 3

I may not have had this one up before...can't remember. Must be I'm gettin' old. Can't wait for my second childhood to start! 

Castaways line art

Judith loved plants till this one got hold of her!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking In On The Lad

This is from a story  I did for myself sometime in the early oughties. The story is called "Looking In On The Lad" and as you see, that's what's happened here. If you're gonna be busted it should be by a neighbor lady that looks like this one does...

I have quite a few stories I've done for myself over the years that I'm going to be re doing for the website. All of them are about yer MILF and yer Lad...which is always an eighteen year old young fella. I'll be tossing them up to time goes by. 

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hello to Smutspace and Alien Lust

Another blog with the inimitable good judgement to have me on their blog roll!

I appreciate whoever puts me on their blogroll. Blogrolls tend to generate more traffic than links do!


A sketchbook piece: Alien Lust!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back and forth with Ksinnin (Furioso)

I'm thrilled to have been talking to Ksinnin on an earlier post and thought the back and forth should get it's own post.

Hey, thanks. I'm quite flattered. I am not a pro or a graphic designer. My lack of training must show! But I've always wondered why most superhero comix did not exploit more the narrative toolbox available.

Furioso was the nick used at the SHC site when I sent them stuff looking for paid work, but I didn't measure up, so they put it up as "guest" work. The name is an inside double pun on the poem by Ludovico Ariosto and a famous cartoon character,

I then went by Ksennin, a shortening of Kame Sennin, or Turtle Hermit, the Dragonball character who was a dirty old man. For some obscure reason it seemed fitting.

I did tons of artwork and comix since the early 90s and wrote some lengthy/complex plot-based fics and essays on the genre of superheroine porn and its axiological connotations, but I took all I could off the web when I saw it was being reposted in very fragmented and de-contextualised ways which emphasied the embarrassing misogynistic aspects I had instead tried (badly) to de-construct. Tellingly, only the most extremist fetish material is still being reposted.
Slid said...
First of all, the notion that you are not a designer or pro in the field, yet can do work of this quality is flabbergasting. Your story telling is extremely well thought out and is totally effective. Sex is most often depicted in comics in a way that just sits on the page and does nothing for the reader at all. You avoid this problem entirely with your multitude of word balloons and panel inserts that evokes a passage of emotions and action over a length of time that effectively transcends the medium. That to me is what's so cool about your work.

It sounds like a you have generated such a volume of work that you have taught yourself a tremendous amount by racking up a ton of experience. You work in a simple style that makes doing a lot of work more practical. the simplicity also strips things down to the economical essence which is a much more effective way to tell stories and is not something you see much of in comics at all these days. Alex Toth, as an example, was a master of this kind of distillation. You've succeeded at this as well.

Me, I wouldn't worry about what my audience does with my work. To me this would seem too self conscious since I feel that doing the work is the important thing. You may differ and that's fine. That's just where I come from. The vast sweep of humans have a large variety of sexual interests that can become very individualized. I don't try to second guess this. What may seem to be mysogynistic may not be anything operational in the person viewing the work beyond the realm of sexual fantasy. I feel a person's particular sexual interests are more just an artifact of the process of growing up. Who knows where a particular kink or fetish comes from? So I don't spend a lot of time worrying about how this stuff gets used by others since everyone has such a particular set of interests and likes and interpretations. That and the porn audience is a silent audience, by and large. You can't know what's going on out there, there's no way.

I guess I'm urging you to put the stuff the heck back up!!!! There are us fans out here that will grok where you're going with this too, y'know?

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greetings to all of you from Free

Hi all of you new visitors from Free! You just broke a thousand pageviews in a single day, a record for this blog.
It's great to see you all here!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Martian Sex Maniac sketch

Well...why else would they come all that way?

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Seventies Dirty Novels and the Mystery Artist

These paperback "fuck books" were pretty bad on the inside. They came out in the seventies and were extremely popular during an age when porn was still hard to get, and forget video!

 I read more than my share, but the only part I really cared for was the covers. There were half a dozen illustrators that did these book covers for various publishers. The artist that has done these covers and hundreds upon hundreds more was one was the  absolute best. But I've never been able to nail down who he is! I've gotten all the other names, but not this guy. 

I'm assuming it's a 'he'. If I knew who he was I'd love to talk to him if he's still with us. I think these were totally brilliant pieces of illustration. His work screams 'advertising' to me, but there were a lot of different ways for an illustrator to make a living back then. Unlike now. 

 I've tried to learn from him over the years, and will keep trying to learn more going forward. His design was always terrific and there was a sense of action and of things about to happen in his work that made them fascinating. And he cranked them out! When you think of how fast he must have worked, this was some terrific stuff! He also lent some level of taste to the whole thing that probably made these more popular than they would have been with just a crummy photo of a model on the cover. 

These books are still available at various places on the web. Read Magic is one of the biggest sources and they sell digital versions of  some of these old paper backs. If you don't know about them, check them out! 

I anyone happens to know who this terrific artist is, clue me in, would'ja?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Welcome to Lucaso and Cameroon, new followers in the last couple of days!

I just want to pass along this amazing site that's very useful to artists like myself.  The site is Posemaniacs and it's full of cg full flayed anatomy poses that can be rotated in space with your mouse (!!!!!!)

 Male and female, child, bodybuilder, hands, etc. It's even set up to give you 30 second poses.
Check it out!

Editing and changing other artists' work

I've been spending a fair amount of time doing rewrites and editing for M9 and it seems that the more I do, the more Mike gives me! I enjoy doing this because it's a nice break from drawing, it's easier money, and I get these real challenges sometimes. I love it when I surprise myself with coming up with some kind of story that can makes sense out of a sequence that's just hash as far as logic goes. It's kind of a stretch, which is a pleasant feeling. 

Doing rewrites of other people's work is something of a dilemma for me. Most of the editing I do involves making sense of things we get from some fine and not so fine artists in South America, Brazil principally. English
translation is normally what I correct and add some descriptive text to here and there. But I also just toss out the entire dialog content sometimes when it just isn't any good. It's a requirement of working with amateur artists who can't write to save their lives and you need to present something on the website that's not just a pile of crap. Now, to me this kind of violates some law that says, Thou Shalt Not Mess With Another Artist's Work and I feel a tad uncomfortable about it. But on the other hand, that's the deal they make when M9 buys their stuff. M9  gets to change things at will. And they do. I try to leave as much as possible intact and when I get something that just takes minimal changes, it's done faster and I can make more money faster that day. I'm not doing this to flog my  ego.

But I do try to take the edges off of things that are a little ugly or racist that we end up getting. I don't mind doing interracial stuff, for example and should do more of that kind of thing in my own work, but I can't handle seeing some stupid title like Asian Attitude vs the Black 'Ho, or some such. I mean, come on. I know this is a field that is supposed to give us a break from civilization on some level but I guess some parts of civilized behavior I just refuse to cross the line with. I don't think our readers like that for the most part either. 

Some things I just can't tolerate on my drawing board or computer, so I excise things that are racist when I see them. It's censorship I guess, but my job already requires throwing over a lot of the artist's original intentions for the sake of readability anyway. The hateful crap goes with it. 

This includes rank sexism too. I guess its just a matter of degree. Can we do comic book level violence that includes a little gore? Yes. Can we show women being tied to a table and sawed to pieces in a graphic way? No. One is a more common kind of escapism, the other is something else, something that only a small percent of people would find at all entertaining. I think the same applies to sexism. Yeah, what we do here is sexist, strictly speaking. But not to the point of belittling women in a way that just comes across as naked hostility and rage. No one here is down with that. There are other places to go to get that.

Now, this is all my call. No directives from Mike on this. I just feel protective of the franchise and want to produce good stuff so I edit things I find objectionable out of the work. 

To me it's about having standards. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Some from the past: Jane Deerborn

Here is one of my favorite series that I've done, The Disappearance of Jane Dearborn. And this is one of my favorite sequences....

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hits on this blog are seriously decreasing. I'm currently  running about at a half to two thirds of the hits I was getting before. My return visitors have been running at the same consistent number that they've been since I started tracking these things. Since my returning visitor numbers haven't ever budged,  I can only conclude that I haven't  really made inroads at finding an audience that's committed to seeing my work

I've been slowly linking to other blogs and sites over the last few months. I still have plans to get some work up on Hentai Factory but that's about all I can think to do. After that, It'd be great to have some suggestions for sites that I might link to to get more traffic through here.

So I'm putting out the call. Let me know what you think.