Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hits on this blog are seriously decreasing. I'm currently  running about at a half to two thirds of the hits I was getting before. My return visitors have been running at the same consistent number that they've been since I started tracking these things. Since my returning visitor numbers haven't ever budged,  I can only conclude that I haven't  really made inroads at finding an audience that's committed to seeing my work

I've been slowly linking to other blogs and sites over the last few months. I still have plans to get some work up on Hentai Factory but that's about all I can think to do. After that, It'd be great to have some suggestions for sites that I might link to to get more traffic through here.

So I'm putting out the call. Let me know what you think.


  1. DA won't bring the proper audience. Most people there are too modest for their own perverted good.

    You need to start posting actively at HF and just be sure to have your blog link available on the description area for each of your submissions.

  2. Unfortunately, not knowing much about your audience, anything we might say would ultimately be speculative.

  3. I've seen some stuff at DA that would surprise you. The other thing that would help here, that I hesitated to bring up without knowing your workload, would be more frequent postings. Long absences always run down the hits.

    And you might want to consider watermarking the samples you post here to keep them off the likes of E-hentai.

  4. It's a matter of having the time. I haven't already done this because of time pressure and my work load needs. But I think both would be of help, even DA. I think the best thing I can do even without the time to knock out extra work is to update things on this blog more, as Richard says. People can loose interest if you don't do much new, I'm sure.
    Thanks you guys.

  5. Yah. I had that month or so I didn't update and my traffic numbers hosed about that time. Well, I won't be doing that again. Look for more soon!


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