Monday, September 26, 2011

Looking In On The Lad

This is from a story  I did for myself sometime in the early oughties. The story is called "Looking In On The Lad" and as you see, that's what's happened here. If you're gonna be busted it should be by a neighbor lady that looks like this one does...

I have quite a few stories I've done for myself over the years that I'm going to be re doing for the website. All of them are about yer MILF and yer Lad...which is always an eighteen year old young fella. I'll be tossing them up to time goes by. 


  1. She definitely looks happy to see him even though she caught him in the act! And with that look on her I'm hoping she has something nice in store for the lad.

    And wow, that's one heck of a nice bust she's got there too!

  2. I love it, Milfs and toyboys


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