Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Follow up to my post from earlier today

Here are some pages from the same story I showed you a page from below. I worked on this story over the course of more than ten years. I still don't have it finished. I should, huh? Just to finish. Anyway you can see the progression over time.

If you're an artist struggling to learn to draw

I can't hold myself out as someone who has arrived. But if it's encouraging for you to see how far other artists have come on their journey then you should see this. I think I did this in my spare time sometime in the late 80's. Drawing was hard and I was always battling a sense of futility. Because of my circumstances I couldn't go to school so I worked on my own comics in my spare time...at least when I was not physically too exhausted to do this. Drawing x rated comics during this time was all that kept me from giving up completely since I didn't care how they looked. I just wanted to tell myself these stories and it kept me going.