Wednesday, October 5, 2011

10 Posts! 10! Some new, some old, and a sketch!

Ten more up today.

 Do enjoy this page from a story I did for myself some years ago. It's a rough that I should finish someday. Maybe for my site. From my personal vaults, a story titled: "The Ring".

It's a kind of Harry Potter gets busy tale of a young man who's parents are mysteriously killed and he ends up in the care of an abusive, hateful distant relative and his wife, who just happens to be stacked like a brick shithouse! I came up with this idea years before HP ever showed up. Eerie coincidence?

 At the old family mansion, hidden away in a storage shack the fellow is tasked with cleaning up,  he discovers a small box containing a ring that belonged to a his great Uncle. His great Uncle had a magic act in the 1920's and many of his old props are stored in this storage shack.

 Wearing the ring  imparts the lonely eighteen year old with a tremendous attractiveness to women he's attracted to himself. I mean a really, really big attractiveness! I mean women start throwing themselves at him and tearing off his and their clothes! Starting with his stacked shirt tail relative and then her equally endowed sister, and on and so forth.

This from the scene he gets his cherry popped, with a thunderstorm going in the background. As all cherry popping should be done, IMO.

More of this magical story will show up here in the near future!


  1. What a fun story! His uncle must have had a hell of an act. Lets just thank goodness the hobbits never found this

    One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
    One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness @$#% them

  2. You've got the hang of it! I definitely have to redo this one.

  3. Damn. All I ever got was a crackerjack mood ring...

  4. In brightest day,in blackest night
    No poontang shall escape my sight!
    Let those who worship pussy's might
    Beware my power -- Slidart's light!


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