Thursday, February 23, 2012

What I hope...

As I approach the opening of my site, knock wood, I'm getting a case of the butterflies. What if I bomb? What if I get so few subscribers that I have to fold up my tent and quit the best job I've ever had?

I know of two excellent quality erotic comics websites that have recently opened up. They're both beautiful. Both I think are produced by studios. They take the art of erotic comics to a new level and good for them!

No way I can compete with them in terms of look. Can't do it. No way. My stuff isn't that polished or well executed.

These guys are doing every thing right. Color, subject matter, (superheroines) drawing all very much beautiful professional level work. And they're making good money at it.

It's tempting to sit here and think, "Wow, with competition like that,  I'm cooked. The bar has gotten too high.


What always frustrated me as a consumer of erotic comics is that what I wanted to see was something like a regular comic book with the characters doing all the regular comic book stuff, but with a lot of x-rated sex all through it. Maybe some female combat. Maybe some non-con stuff. But the stories  would be about characters we get to know, and there would be a plot that builds your interest and gets your sympathy. I never did find it.

I hope that's what I can do on my own website. It's my strength. I can't compete with Superheroine Central or SuperheroineComixxx. They're too good at what they do. Jumping on the bandwagon with a suitcase full of formulas for success is just a bad idea, especially for me.

So here's my formula:  Don't sweat the production values. Do flat colors so I'm free to draw a lot! Make the women look HOT, not distorted or weird looking.( I'm trying to get better at the HOT thing.) Keep a sense of fun. Let the story unfold the way it want's to, don't force upon it a contrived formula based on what everyone else is doing.

I hope that in the last almost three years I've had this blog going that I've found an audience for the things I like to do.

I hope that freed from the constraints of the five page story, I can stretch and really do some good stories.

I hope you all hang with me while I do.


  1. "Meet the Bradys" and "Come All Ye Faithful" have already sold me

  2. some sites like to put out a few high end comics for good money, but expensive comics end up on message boards and torrents for all to see defeating the purpose of selling it. fansadox comes to mind. keep your comics inexpensive and crank out a lot of them and you will be ok. i prolly will also comission a few from time to time.

  3. I really want to be able to crank it out and do a lot of stuff. I have lots of ideas all the time and this would be an awesome outlet for that energy I've got otherwise uselessly banging around in my head. Glad you guys like what I do. Really.

  4. Those studios are probably South American. You can pay some of those guys $25/page and they're a big man in their neighborhood.


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