Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Hit Horserace

Looking over my posts at the  popularity of each, relative to the number of page views, and laying aside the ridiculously high number of hits the SuperheroineXXX update gets...over 5000 hits...mutter, mutter, mutter...I have seen which has gotten the most interest.

Number one is the Coach Cocker drawing, cocking, er, clocking in at over 1500 hits.

New Invisible Sex Maniac at 1300. Two new Sex Maniac stories in place on the website even now. You can see them when it opens and you subscribe, animals!

Then the Pool Man frame at 500 hits since October last year.

Several under 500 but over 200 are Chastity, Witch Milf painting. Of the most recent pieces GOH is the guys like the photo of the actress.

Some of the high numbers can be explained by the given piece's presence on the Most Popular list on my blog to your right. Once there some stay there and never leave. A lot of folks hit the list and then leave.

Lately more people are staying at least 5 minutes than are leaving immediatly. It's been stuck at half for a long time, finally moving up mostly because of the Ring installments. The Ring also has set a record at return visits in one day. That would be 80.

Nice to see that any post about my looming website has gotten over 300 page views. 300 people sign up for my site and I wont have the need to do anything else but concentrate on the website. We'll see...

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