Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Ring 15

Okay. We have now mostly left the realm of finished art on this story and from here out we have roughs of mostly OK finishes. Again, for those recently joining us, these are stories I did for myself years ago never dreaming anyone but me would ever actually see them. As such, all of my stories that I'll be scanning and putting up here and in the free section of my website, are sadly unfinished.

It will be my pleasure to redo these old tales in ink and color and revised dialog (on my website in) the near future. And yes, they'll all have an ending or at least a stopping place, as in the case of the Ring. The tale of Terry and his prized possession I see as a regular series for as long as I have ideas for it. And there is a fair amount of back story to it in my head.

Now another issue: which old story do I do first?

I've started on Meet the Gradys but the overwhelming (for this blog's recent traffic and return visit numbers)  response to The Ring makes me think it would be best to get it rolling before I do anything else. It, along with the Galaxy of Horror, which is pretty far along now, and a Superheroine catfight/MILF storyline with the title of "The Code", would be strong starters for the website.

So I ask: what do you all think? Meet the Gradys or The Ring starting first? Which do I do? Hmm.  Send up a smoke signal or flare and let me know.

 The page of notes above will be the direction I go in with the story. I have no finished art for it that I can find.  The pages below are pages I did when I considered going in a different direction,  but decided that for this story the climax, if you will, would come along a beat too soon. So  I added one more little bit of suspense, a bit more tease and then we'll get down to business.

For the sake of clarity, we see above, a shot of Terry with his back braced against the horny lady's bedroom door, hyperventilating. He can't quite bring himself to believe this could really be happening, so he goes upstairs to his attic room. Caution wins the day in his rattled mind. We see in the bottom panel the trap door entry to his bedroom with Terry on his bed in the background.  Kate's head appears in the open trapdoor as she comes up the stairs for a reason that is unclear to the lad. (Who is Eighteen, btw. Should anyone ask!) Terry has now been clobbered too many times to rush to judgement any more.
Lighting storm in the background. She startles at thunder. 

BTW. The next old story that I'll be putting up on this blog will be one that's also fairly long. That tale is called, "Publicity". I'll begin posting it as soon as this one ends. 


  1. Starting with The Ring would be good. However, if Meet The Gradys wins the vote, I won't feel disappointed.

  2. I'm going with the Ring myself. Loving what I've seen of it so far.


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