Wednesday, February 1, 2012

More Super MILFs

Okay, the one on the left...guess. The one on the right is a character of mine, Super Woman. I need something a little better than that for a name, though. 


  1. I feel like if it's a sixties style superhero, Suprema, while a fine name, is a little out of place. Captain O is more likely except that I'm going to be playing this more straight as if it's an actual comic book from the time that suddenly discovers it can be dirty. (A room full of virgins in tights who suddenly are released from their bondage to "the Code" and can start having sex and kinky stuff.)
    So I'm thinking Super-Woman may work since that's often as far as it went in terms of artfulness back then. And the hyphenate is different enough from the DC iterations.

  2. Charlton or someone had a heroine in the sixties named Pow Girl. That's about how much effort they put into things, which is weird since they made so damn much money off of comic books back then...maybe theres a lesson there...


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