Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rethinking; need your opinion.

Being in this kind of business is like feeling your way in the dark with a short stick. You can only learn as you go and accept the fact that some things you wont notice or understand until it's all fucked up in a pile at your feet. THEN maybe you'll be able to understand what the problem is. No, not understand; take another guess about. The porn comics biz is small and theres not enough money in it to study the market at all. You know what works when people start signing up. That's the only thing that seems to matter.

I had hoped the variety approach would work out since I love to do a variety of stuff. But since the success of my site is still very small...disappointingly so....and starting to slide backwards, I have to take another stab at what I feature on my website.

Variety on a site such as SSSC is hard to achieve and keep everyone happy. Many of you out there like a specific kind of story. I'm beginning to suspect that most of you do. And anything outside of that specific kind of story you just aren't really all that interested in. And since you only see me do that one kind of story once in a blue moon, you loose interest and feel your money is best spent elsewhere. Variety may end up being a good idea but I'd have to be cranking out stuff every week in each category to make it work, or build up a library of each type over the years. After several years I'd be able to attract enough subscribers to make a living entirely off the site. Obviously, that's not going to happen.

I don't know how to concentrate on one thing without alienating a lot of you who've signed up with interest in the kinds of stories you like only to see that area of interest disappear from the site altogether.
All I can do is make the shift and hope I've picked the right one.

Now then, what niche shall I try to establish? Invisible Sex Maniac is a big deal judging from the reaction I've heard. So are the MILF stories: a lot of you are waiting for the Ring to be a series here. And I've been told by veterans in the field that Superheroines in peril is the most stable and broadly successful of all the genres in the erotic comics area and that I should at least start with that alone and then add my own stuff later.

So I'm thinking about concentrating on the Superheroine stories on the pay site. I'm also thinking about selling individual stories in other genres as downloadable pdfs for a few bucks each.

Let me know what you think, OK?


  1. I think you should do what's best for you. I know that I'll love anything you do since I like the way you draw. I might be a lil more partial to Invisible Sex Maniac since I just love seeing stuff like that happen.

  2. Thanks Akumadoken! I appreciate it. I suspect ISM will be ongoing no matter what.
    Just to add to my ramblings, I may also just concentrate on getting banners out and improving the look of my website.
    I hate the idea of giving up anything, really. I may wait to see if I can affect the numbers by doing some more legwork. Still thinking.

  3. I think you should talk to Cam about giving his catfight art to someone else to post on his blog while he's recovering....his art is so far above everyone else it's a shame you're not posting it...I hope it's because your too busy...

  4. How 'bout Superheroines encounter ISM? The best of both worlds! :)

  5. i like a lot of things you do like timmy quick, martians and ring and more, but ism is what i like most.

    i dont know about milf stories, but there def is a large vinny shinblind audience out there. i just joined 4 yahoo groups for it.

  6. Yes. Anon has hit a guilty spot for me. I have fallen behind on posting on the website. A situation that will now resolve itself. Yes, I've been busy with a lot of personal things as well as stuff for M9 and the website. This has been an extremely busy summer. More on Cam's site.

  7. I've decided to continue as is but go back to rotating stories each week so as to try to give everyone something they like each month. Thanks for the input guys.

  8. The downloadable .PDF idea is REAL interesting. You could markety stories or collections as they complete, viz M9.

    Don't panic about the downtick, numbers will pick back up once you establish a varied flow again. The Moms story really was too long at your work pace.

  9. Thanks Richard. Yeah, for a while I was considering the pdf sales in place of the subscriptions site. It may ultimately be what I end up doing, you never know.


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