Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year and a note

HNY, everyone. Looking out the window at the first snow of the year I'm hopeful that it is an omen of good things to come.

Speaking of good things, I've been doing some updating of my labels, seen to your left, and would urge newbies to check out the labels, Sketchbook, What We Did Last Summer, Big Tits, MILF, mermaids, colored pencils, and Invisible Sex Maniac. Don't rely only on the favorites list, now.

Website news: this week should be the end of the coding nightmare. I have some stuff uploaded but not ready to see yet. In the next week I should complete everything on my end and then we wait for the credit card people to approve the site. That will take an unknown amount of time. HOPEFULLY we'll be up and running in Jan. But I've been wrong before...

Sorry about the long lag in posts. I've been under the weather yet again and have also had, like you all, the holidays to survive. I should be showing signs of life again soon. That or someone will throw dirt on me and say a few words...


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