Friday, January 20, 2012

Galaxy Of Horror

There's a Roger Corman movie out there called Galaxy Of Terror that maybe you've seen. In it is this really interesting scene of a woman being raped by...hold onto your seats...a GIANT MAGGOT! Yep. You read it right. Giant maggot. Raped by. Musta been bad acid that guy was on when he wrote the screenplay.

It features the very comely actress, Taafe O'Connel, pictured below, and a really cheezy fake giant maggot. There's an edited version that's a bit disappointing that you'll probably want to overlook.

So naturally I'll be doing a more explicit version of the rape scene for my website and it will be entitled Galaxy Of Horror. Lots more rubbin' and slimin' and watchin' the thing's thingy goin' in and out...whew!

Here are a couple of pages for you to enjoy. One is a 'wireframe' line drawing which I like better than the finished version I did, and the other is finished in pencil, though still needs background and a reaching Giant Maggot added in.

Just for grins check out the Monsters and Angels Galaxy of Terror website since it's got a lot of stuff similar to what I do in my monster comics:


  1. A fun fact: It turns out that James Cameron did some production designing for that film.

    Cheers and thanks for the previews.

  2. Ah, the classics. Cameron and Hurd also worked on Humanoids from the Deep.

  3. Indeed, Humanoids is one of my all time favorite movies!

  4. Ah, Galaxy of Terror. Back in the day on the ol' internet 1.0, I frequented a site of the same name (the webmaster was a big fan of this flick). It was dedicated to posting monster sex scenes from b-movies... prolly why I ended up the twisted & mal-adjusted individual I am today. Ah, good times. ^_^
    LOVING your take on it!

  5. Yep, see the link at the end of my post, Rampant. It's still there!

  6. I agree that the site was fundamental in growing my lust for this genre that japanese animation budded inside of me, nice previews~!!


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