Thursday, January 26, 2012

Women Of The Screen that inspire me: Valerie Leon

I'm going to be putting up some photos of special women I've seen on TV and at movies that have really become my anima, as according to Jung. That is, these are the women who speak to me in my dreams and are the inspiration behind the kind of women I like to draw. And look at. They are strong, intelligent, and robust, the kind of woman I am married to, in fact. In her I see echoes of Ligea the Vampire MILF, and Jane Deerborn, two of the characters I've created.

My first is  Valerie Leon, a Hammer beauty who did all of one movie with them: Blood of the Mummy's Tomb. (I recently watched Blood for the first time on Netflix streaming. I don't know if it's still there, but do catch it if you can. It's a pretty good flick!)

Her big claim to fame in my part of the world is that she was the beautiful woman featured in the Hai Karate commercials in the late 60's. I think I sort of "imprinted" on her. She has always seemed to me the personification of sex. Cool, sophisticated, intelligent.  I never have got over her, happily.

She was also a Bond girl and was on various TV shows over the years, some goofy looking British movies,  even a Space 1999 that I'm going to have to dig up sometime.

Besides her obvious busty charms, her profile is amazingly seductive and she has a long, gorgeous neck set against her thick sexy luxurious hair. Oddly it's hard to find a still photo on the web that catches how beautiful she is, IMO. The first one in my collection does do her some justice, though. Watch Blood on the Mummy's Tomb and you'll see what I mean.


  1. "They are strong, intelligent and robust..."

    With the emphasis on BUST, I'm sure, Slid. :)

  2. Okay okay. I'm not exactly all that high minded, it's true.

  3. Looking at the faces and expressions on the women you draw, I expect the likes of swell broads like Beverly Garland, Alison Hayes and Jane Russell to figure prominently

  4. Oh my god, that's too funny- I actually watched Blood of the Mummy just the other day. Your appraisal is spot on.


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