Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cumm All Ye Faithful

Here we have a page from a story I did for myself some time ago...over ten years ago, I'm thinking. It's called Cumm All Ye Faithful and is obviously set in a church in the burbs. This is as close to social commentary as I ever get, it seems like. And it's not too pointed, I don't think. I guess if there is a point it probably is that I've always considered church to be the best place you could go to get laid. It sure was in my own experience! Nothing like repression as well as rebellious daughters! 

This church has a real underground thing going on. Pretty much everyone is screwing each other on the sly. This is the story of a young eighteen year old fella that get's molested by the church lady in a back room during the services and is watched by an eighteen year old girl and the wife of the Reverend. Said wife is stacked with the big favorite. It's sort of a domino effect story where the lad gets passed from pussy to pussy all in one afternoon. 

Here is a fragment of a scene where the young fella is mobbed by the local church ladies who have all sorts of things for him to "help" them with.  Word got around, it seems. If churches usually had this many stacked women going there, male attendance would go through the ceiling! 

I think I dropped this one because I thought the women were dressed too shamelessly and I wanted some frumpiness to go with the amazing bodies. 

Most of the art for this story is some of my earliest and is nearly illegible due to repeated erasures, so I probably wont post much of it. Again, look for a future re-do of this story on my pending website.

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  1. That's some incredible art for 10yrs ago, great group shot


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