Friday, January 13, 2012

Page one from Meet The Gradys

I'm hard at work on the stuff that will appear on my website, this being one page of Meet The Gradys. The first page, in fact. Shew! A million titties to draw and so little time.


  1. Thanks Darrell. I did the drawing for this one some years ago and I had lots of time and was relaxed when I did it. Those are NOT the conditions I'm working under now. I took some time to ink this last week and it came out well I think.
    I'm hoping to do this kind of work for my I can afford to. Economics rules at this point in the game, as you can imagine!
    But thanks. I appreciate it!

  2. Have to agree, incredible inks, nice linework and everything is so clean, I have something to aspire to


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