Thursday, October 14, 2010

Update from Basta

From Basta, one of my cohort at MonsterBabeCentral! A new friend of this blog.

I love the straight ahead drama in this guy's work! And I do love the torn dress against a tree thing. Reminds me of my boy scout troop...we were a little crazy then...heheheheh.


  1. Thank you, Slid! **BLUSH**
    You're pretty good yourself!!

  2. Seriously! I dug your stuff the first time I saw it. I liked the Sal Buscema look you started out with a bit more than where you are, but that's just where my tastes run. But this is just fine too. And you have a quality particular to yourself that I find honest and appealing: not small things.
    So thanks back atcha! Keep blushing.


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