Friday, March 9, 2012

Superheroine Combat title launched on SSSC!

Yep! SSSC is proud to present the first wave of the upcoming invasion of superhero/ heroine titles that will heavily inhabit this site: Superheroine Combat.

In each story of this series we'll showcase combat between two familiar characters from the comic book universe. This story features the knock down dragout showdown on Paradise Island between two of the biggest heavy hitters of the DCU. Wonder Woman and Big Barda! Do check it out.

I'm going to be posting things onto the site as I get them done, so there will be several posts per week. The regular Monday only post will begin a few weeks hence. Until then, check back frequently since you never know when I'll strike next!


  1. Stilllllll waiting for news of this being finished finally...

  2. Oh god, no kidding! It'll be my next color installment after the current Succubus goes up. Next week hopefully. I need a catfight installment once a month at least. I'm feeling a lot better now and hope to be more regular about things now.


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