Friday, July 25, 2014

What's the most popular post?

According to Google, the all time most pageviews on this blog belongs to Slid's Personal Comics Ctd. You can see it  at  26,423 views since I posted it two years ago. The next highest, Catfight Central Collection, is at 7,127.

Slid's Personal Comics Ctd doesn't seem to me to be all that different from other stuff I've done along the same lines. Maybe someone could enlighten me? Maybe the lady starring on the first page is the most matronly I've done…who knows?

Overall the MILFy stuff seems to be the most popular on the blog followed by the rapey stuff.



  1. I'd say MILF personally. Anything along that nature. Not too into rape. Maybe some female dominance/seduction, but that's as far as I enjoy. Such as the Summer Vacation comic that is here, but not on the official site I think (would love to see it continue). And thanks for the sketch v. color shout out. Witch story is looking great!

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