Thursday, November 6, 2014

A Little More Timmy Quick and his X-Ray Specs

Timmy Quick is a parody of an old out of print character named Tom Swift that was last seen sometimes in the sixties. They were a series of novels for boys around 10 years old or so that featured a boy inventor that invented a Heat Ray, a Rocket to the Moon, and other 'futuristic' hardware, each featured in it's own novel. I was always fond of the character, and so I combined the idea of a young man who invents things to get himself pussy. Seems logical enough, yeah? The X-Ray Specs being the first of his inventions, they are featured in this current story. I foresee more TQ to appear in my website in the future.
I think he may have to invent a bionic dick at the rate he's piling up coochie in this current story.
Check it out at my website!
Also, just FYI, after TQ finishes up I'll be doing an ISM story, per popular demand, and then I want to go back and finish up some To Be Continued stories I have hanging out there like The Ring and Meet The Gradys. So hang with me on the site. There's more fun stuff coming!

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