Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just to point out the obvious...

Don't forget, people. For me to keep doing this, a few of you coming through this blog ought to give some thought to subscribing to my website. The blog has seriously respectable traffic, so does my website. But subscriptions? Very few. Especially lately.
The site has over 300 pages of stories and I update every week, give or take. So you are indeed getting bang for your buck. Lots and lots of bang, lemme tell ya.
Check it out:


  1. P.S.: would love to comment or thank individual posts in the members gallery, but comments there never seem to work?

  2. Yeah, the site isn't set up to take comments. You're the first person to ask about it. Let me think about this. The site was set up by someone else and I don't know if it can take them at all. Thanks, though. Glad you like what you're seeing well enough to comment.

  3. I'd say set up shop on Patreon, tends to ensure a steadier stream of income

  4. Huh. I had never heard of Patreon. I'm looking at it now.


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