Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving

The treaty my ancestors made with the native americans here in the US was actually maintained for two generations, I found out. So, that being some kind of record as far as us European colonists holding up our end of the bargain, we of the kind of, sort of United States, or the "United" States, if you will, (that was the toughest, meanest, election I've ever lived through.) see it fit to celebrate it as a landmark, if not a hallmark,  achievement. It's Thanksgiving here, shaky as it is. 
That being the case, I thought I might be able to eek out another couple of pages this week, but realistically I don't think that's likely what with all the hoo-hah that comes with the holiday. If I can I'll get something up this week anyway, but don't hold your breath until I do. I will be back on track next week, however and will have some more of this horny goofiness for you then. 
Happy Thanksgiving. Stay safe. Pour booze and food down your neck responsibly. Try not to push any of your loud mouth relatives onto the hot grill. 


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