Thursday, June 30, 2011

Poll results

As I write this my poll about the preferences of my audience is nearly finished. I'm intrigued with the results. The folks who like the MILF-younger guy scenario are just slightly behind the superheroines with a combination of straight sex and rape. And I see we have a few "specialists" who like their coffee black, which is fine. I honestly thought the results would be more in the favor of the specialty guys since some opinion at  Media Nine feels that that's the main and possibly only audience that they have.

It seems like I've drawn my own particular audience here at the Backslid blog that is somewhat different from the M9 group. Or I'm right to believe that there are more people that are in the M9 audience that really aren't being served as far as their tastes go, such as with the Milf-younger guy scenario which almost doesn't exist over there on Monsterbabes.

I'll keep all this in mind going forward. I think the best strategy is likely to be to present a certain range of stories. Super heroines and 'rape until she cumms' do sell well, but I'm thinking there is a powerful untapped vein in the xxxcomics biz that favors the Milf interest. And I do enjoy doing the horror and sci-fi stories as well, so those will be on my site when I get it going. Along with some fantasy of some kind since that also is an untapped potential around here.

I'm also about to do a "muscle babe" story for Catfight Central next week and will be interested in seeing how that plays. Let me know if you like this sort of thing!


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